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I'm getting tight here,, running outa ideas for (The Young Adventures Of FievelJ.)
So,, so I'm actually asking for *Commissions* for (The Young Adventures Of FievelJ.),, just because I'm
running outa ideas. Credit given to anyone who comes forward with some ideas of what to place a young,
*ME* *Shrugs Shoulders* through next. I love writing these,, and if you'd like your character to mess with my character,, then please ask.
The NO List.
Diarrhea, I will do scat, but I don't enjoy diarrhea in terms of *Real* life myself, so I'd rather not write Diarrhea into my stories. (Not That I Won't Do It,, I Just Do Not Like To.)
I will do diaper Diarrhea much faster then any other Diarrhea.
Blood to too far an extreme,, that's a much bigger *NO* Will not do it at all,, no exceptions!!!
The crazy *Vore* Anal Vore,, kinda like some of what https://www.furaffinity.net/user/charem/ FA user does.
Not Vore to Death,, just Anal Vore,, stuffing another character up the other's anus, till it fills the intestinal track.
I had this idea, of FievelJ talking a Charizard, or a Raichu into shoving,, well me,, my character up there. Now that I think of it,, I might just do it with a Pichu,, who wants to be up my warm works.

Anything involving death, I will *NOT* do.
I will do blood,, just so long as it's minor anus / (EEak! Vagina/Pussy) blood. The early breaking of certain skin, in a *CUB* prOn (Porn) story.
Puke.. Ahm,,, *NO* No no no no no... NEVER...
Real humans under age 18,,, (Read The Site Rules!!!!!!!!)
But that's also a personal rule as well,, *****I Will Not,,, WILL NOT!! Write None-Fiction About Something Someone Has Done To Some1 Under 18... KEEP THE SHIT TO THEY-SELF.*****
I'll write Puke, before I write something like that. Unless I send it to the *FBI* or local law enforcement.
Then *IF* I have their IP Address,, I'll send that too.
It *Has* to be *Furry Related* I won't actually write about *Humans* So this kinda singles out the None-Fiction rule,, doesn't it!?....
A Plushies story? Maybe,, but that's a slim maybe. I may be a huge plushie (Plushophile), but I don't know if
people really wanna read about me and my Pink and White,, white? (Bunny). More like Pink, White,, and yellow bunny.

Age limits for Cubs? Hardly,, they *Can Not Interact With This World Anyway* Just so long as all characters
are still fictional,, knock yourself out with ideas.

Give em,, send em,, post em in replies,, I'll consider the suggestions I like the most,, first.

Thanks Very Much For Reading...

Fieve... ;-)  :-)
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
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