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I'm sorry I haven't posted more - I have a lot of inspirations, but never really get my attention span together enough to post. But part of it is that I also feel stressed to post, as in I feel like the longer I wait, the more I have to rush, which gets me too stressed to feel inspired. And then the few pictures I do draw I get tired of quickly, feeling like they're not good enough to post.

But I just saw Kiki's Delivery Service (that Japanese movie with the witch girl and the black cat), and the moral hit me - don't let your passion become a chore. I'm pretty sure that that's what I've been doing - it's not like I'm uninspired, but it feels like such a chore to draw sometimes.

I have a question to ask anyone who sees this: how can I turn drawing fun again? Are you familiar with this tedium and have you overcome it?

Because I have a lot of ideas for things, including pictures, music, games, programs, etc, but I can't get my shift together while remaining unstressed. I want this to flow naturally so I can draw every day and have a ball doing it.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
I understand this, as I have so many ideas, I have no time to do them all, because I take so long to draw pictures, and there are times I have no inspiration to draw, and I do feel the pressure of finishing new pictures for the sites in a timely fashion, that it does become a bit of a chore as well.  I also do sprite works and animations and films and writings, and nothing gets done because I do feel overwhelmed by all of it.  Whenever I want to try a particular idea, it takes too much effort and it ends up not happening because of lack of motivation.

Lately I have been feeling scatterbrained as I do random scribbles but never finish them, and I end up going to the next idea.  My friend says that's alright because I am still technically drawing and I am just practicing with ideas and see what works and what doesn't.  The sketches will still be there when I want to go back to them.  In the future, I do ook up my sketches and figure out if one of them stand out to me and I just do it.  There are countless times where I try to work on a picture, then I just randomly work on a new picturre that comes out of nowhere and I end up finishing it.  Inspiration just happens, and you just have to let it happen, not try to force it out.

The thing is you can't worry about timelines and planning out an idea, because it does become a chore and it does suck the fun out of it.  I realize that we need to act like this though, if we ever want to take drawing as a serious profession, however it is important that you still have fun with it.  

So here's what I think.  Next time you watch a movie, play a video game, listen to music, look at art, whatever you're doing and you have a moment of "OH! I gotta try doing this idea" then scribble something out.  spending even 30 minutes out of you time drawing is still drawing.  If you decide you lack motivation to work on/finish, then stop and go to it another time.  You can work on as many WIPS you want because you are still practicing on your art, and sometime in the future, if you lok at a sketch and want to work on it more, you can do that until eventually a picture is finished.

Bottom line, drawing should be fun, not work, so don't worry so much about trying to make ti work.  If it takes a long time to finish a picture, then that's what happens.  Don't concentrate so much on getting a final product, concentrate on the "adventure" of working on the picture.
6 years, 10 months ago
Notes taken: scribble whenever ideas come up, but don't force yourself to do something. Turn the experience into an adventure of realization.

Thanks much! Q(ń ω n` )
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