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Commission Prices

Figured I should have this on here as well.

Everything offered here can be done traditionally. Even the painting (hey, I took a painting class. I've still got canvases left over).


-Bust sketch.............$5
_______Extra characters $1 each
-Bust inked..............$6
_______Extra characters $1 each
-Colored Bust...........$7
_______Extra characters $2 each

Full Body

-Full Body sketch...........$5 and up, depending on detail level
_______Extra characters $1 each
-Full Body Inked...........$6 and up, depending on detail level
_______Extra characters $1 each
-Full Body Colored
_______Flat Colors only...........$10 and up
______________Extra characters $2 each
_______Cell Shaded...........$15 and up
______________Extra characters $2 each
_______Painterly Shaded...........$20 and up
______________Extra characters $4 each
_______Lineless Digital...........$25 and up
______________Extra characters $4 each

***Backgrounds will add more money, depending on if you're buying a sketch, an inked piece, or a colored piece.*** All commissions will have no background or a simple background at the artist's discretion unless discussed otherwise!


Reference...........$20 and up
_______Includes [at $20]
______________Nude or tastefully clothed front and back view
______________Example of commonly worn outfit
______________Example of hairstyle
______________Basic character information
______________Color reference

Feel free to talk with me if there are things you'd rather do differently!

Terms of Service

Commissioning me assumes that you have read this or at least glanced over it enough so you won't piss a bitch fit at me (:

Terms of Service

How Things usually go
- Please contact me via note or email (x-sweet.blasphemy[at]hotmail[dot]com) with the details. I do not wish to discuss commissions via instant message, text message, or phone.
- I will send you a quote for the price of your commissions. Remember that the prices listed are base prices. It is not likely that it will be too much different from the listed price, but complexity will increase the price.
- If you are okay with the price, then I will give you my paypal address. It is different than my listed email, so do not try to send payment to my x-sweet.blasphemy email.
- Once I receive your payment, I will begin sketching.
- I will show you the sketch, and make edits until it has your full approval, upon which I will finish the image.
- After sending you the low resolution version suitable for web and getting final approval, I will send you the high-resolution version suitable for print -or- the original image via mail.
- ???
- Profit. For me. And hopefully enjoyment for you.

Important notes
- All images are without a background, or given a simple background at the artist's discretion, unless otherwise specified. A background is extra, price depending on the image's complexity.
- I will not draw trademarked characters, such as naruto, sokka, felicia, shadow the hedgehog, etc..
- If you are commissioning me for a drawing of someone else's character, I would like to have some sort of proof that it is okay to draw them (a journal with a comment that they don't mind their character drawn, their favorites gallery full of gift art, etc.)
- I refuse to draw minor characters (under the age of 18) nude or in sexual situations.
- If you wish the commission to be kept private, talk to me about it.
- If you are interested in buying full rights to the image, also talk to me about this.

Things I will not draw:
Scat/watersports/potty desperation/failure
Hyper genitalia
Rapid weight gain
Uber Muscles

Things I will draw:

Something else: please ask.

- Due to having a job and/or attending school, I'm unable to give tentative deadlines for completion. In general, turnaround time is from 2-6 weeks.
- If you wish to have a commission completed by a certain date, let me know. There may be an extra fee involved (for example if you needed an image in five days as opposed to four weeks from now.)

- All prices are in USD.
- I prefer paypal but I will also accept carefully concealed cash, sent at the commissioner's own risk.
- I expect all payment up front, unless your total amount is over $30, upon which you may pay half before I begin your commission, and the other half when it is finished.
- Please mark your payment as "service".

My Rights

- I have the right to refuse any commission.
- I have the right to cancel any commission.
- I may use the finished image as I wish, including posting it online, placing it in my portfolio, and using it to promote my art.

Your Rights

- You may cancel the commission at any time you wish.
- You may post the image online, as long as I receive credit.
- You may crop the image for use in an avatar or banner.
- You may print the image, or make copies or prints, but you may not sell these physical copies. The only image you are allowed to sell is the original piece (meaning if you commissioned a traditional image and had it shipped to you, that physical image is the only thing you can resell. If you commissioned a digital image, you are not allowed to resell anything.)

Cancellation and Refunds

- If I cancel the commission due to personal reasons, or the inability to complete the commission is in anyway my fault, you will get a refund equal to the amount of work I have complete and the image thus far.
How I do partial refunds:
I split the image into main parts, such as sketch and inks; or sketch, inks, flats; or sketch, inks, flats, shading; etc. Your refund will be based on how many stages the image has and how many of those stages I have completed. Say you commissioned a shaded image, and I cancelled due to personal reasons. If I had completed the sketch and the inks, then you would get 1/2 of the commission's price back. If I had completed the sketch, inks, and flats, then you would get 1/4 of the commission's price back. I hope this explains how I do partial refunds.
- If I cancel the commission due to the commissioner's behavior, then there will be no refund issued.
- If you wish the cancel the commission, contact me as soon as possible and a partial refund will be issued.
- Once I have completed the image, no refund will be issued.

- It is your responsibility as the commissioner to TELL me what I NEED to change at the sketch stage. Once the image has moved past the sketch stage, major edits (change of outfit, change of pose/limb, addition of background, and addition of character,) will incur an editing fee of $5-$10 each, depending on the type of edit.
- And major edits to a traditional piece past the sketch stage will be doubled in price, ranging from $10-20. Traditional pieces have the additional considered as major edits: change of color(such as changing the color of a t-shirt or something in the background), change of image dimension, or anything that would force me to re-ink the commission.
- Minor edits, such as the addition of an item of jewelery or the change of eyecolor, do not have any fee associated with them, unless you begin to overwhelm me with them, or you give me so many minor edits to do I am not able to make decent progress on your image.
- Minor edits to a traditional piece do not have any fee associated with them, unless they force me to re-ink the commission, upon which they are considered major edits and thus they will incur the major edit fee.


- I am more than happy to ship your traditionally done image to you! Shipping is $2 for US and Canada, $4 international.
- I ship using USPS First Class. If you need your image to arrive faster, talk to me, and shipping may be more than the state $2/$4, due to Priority Mail and above being more expensive.
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