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Birthday is comming ^^

Finally after a while of keep myself working, drawing and redone it many times I guess I finally make it up…

This pic represents my newest and so my youngest character, Tokine is a 10 years male monkey boy, (please do not mistake with Kakeshi´s Tokine). https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8052278/

About the character: Tokine is basically a curious monkey, enjoy almost all the small pleasure than life can give you, the soft breeze of the sea, the sunlight and the flavor of food…

Now the idea of making a new character is always there, I mean you can decide to work on a different way one day, a do something else the very next day. Tokine starts as an idea back in 2011 Christmas, to be hones one thing that influence myself the most was the sonic generation game.

Tokine would be the as the classic sonic is in the game but with one small differences for my the earliest sonic game I played was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, so this little monkey would have the move set and skill useful for the speed character in that game.

About the outfit: Almost 6 months has passed since I draw him by 1st time, and the concept hasn´t changed too much, basically just updates in body structures, visuals features and outfit. I mean he use to wear just a raw leather loincloth the first time we met, being in the middle of nowhere, isn´t   easy to find cool clothes for him.

The second time I give him some armor piece than clothes, but now he has a full urban designing clothes. It is not a secret I preferred been myself bare feet, but if you going to grind in metal rails, it would be better to have some to protect your soles, that is why he wears those high top sandals…

Now he wears a short, because is fresher than wear pants, the original vest he wears was a warm clothe for winter days but now than summer is coming to us I give him a more athletic vest…

Instead of metal armor pieces, has carbon kneepads protectors, and because we monkeys were very shareful, I give him my cap (I got that cap since I was 14 and it doesn´t fit in my head anymore) and the armbands were made by Thay… (Thay use the leftovers of his shirts and pants to make those things, he is very skillful at crafting)

Fron now on: Well   Tokine maybe has just few month of existence but I made the deepest bond on him, maybe because he reminds me when I was young or maybe because he is simple to cute for me… I don´t know why I became too attached to him, I mean I use to have 25 different characters and seems than Tokines become to most especial of all of them… even myself… I guess that is something Time will let you, or let us know actually…

Anyway I guess it will be everything today, o yes…   by the way…  we are one week before my birthday…  this June the 9th will be my 26th birthday, so I considerate Tokine my early birthday’s gif from me to me ^^

So long ^^
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