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Car Donations update

Some changes to our Car Donations run...

Ladies and gentle furs,

Mixy has told me he is in a slump and not going to be doing any commisions for a while.

He got burned out by one of our donation comissioners being far, far too demanding.

By too demanding, I mean:
He paid for a color sketch and provided full details of what he wanted.
Then changed the details upon seeing the initial sketch.
Then changed the details again once coloring began.
Then changed the details again after coloring was half done.
Then kept finding "new details" that Mixy messed up on.

All-in-all, Mixy spent a total of 3 weeks on this ONE sketch, simply because he was NEVER satisfied with what was coming out.
He was constantly bitching about something being done wrong.
Mixy had to completely resketch and color the same peice like 10-15 times, with no further compensation for all the trouble.

That being said, he is currently burned out on artwork and has lost the desire and inspiration to draw.
That being said, he has closed his commissions temporarily, until he can recoup from all the stress this one person caused him.

However, we are still planning on the move to SC, and the purchase of a decent used car.

We will continue to accept donations from the link below:

We just will not be able to compensate anyone with any art until Mixy recoups and begins drawing again.
I have refunded money from those who asked for art with their previous donations.
If those who had the money sent back still would like to donate, and not worry much about getting the art, you may do so.

Also wishing everyone a belated Happy Holidays.

I did forget to mention my holiday wishlist at the begining of the month, thanks to the drama of Rent and Roomates.
Which is happening again this month.  I am -- this close to just ditching him and going to my friends, who will only charge me and Mixy $300 a month to stay with her till we move.

However, if anyone ever wishes to send me a present at any time, check out my wishlist here:


TNSC Art Contest - December 2010

The winner is:
Sonic the Hedgehog - https://yardley.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-the-Hedgehog-8...
by Tracy Yardley! - https://yardley.deviantart.com/

Nominate art for Theme: Wolves
Vote now for Theme: Bunnies
Nominationa and voting deadline: January 1, 2011

So find us some really cool artwork of Wolves or vote on your favorite artwork of Bunnies
now at The TNSC Community - www.tnsc.thrill.to

On another note:
My mate, Mix Tags, has been gracious enough to allow me to use his art as the TNSC Header Banner.
However, I will be running out of his artwork to use, and would love it if anyone were to begin submitting their own artwork for the TNSC Header Banner.
It would be even more cool if we had people submitting full on banners drawn for TNSC.

You can find out how to get your art as the header image on TNSC at www.tnsc.thrill.to
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