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Kitty Ramble: Of Furry Sites and Bannings

Seeing that a certain discussion died, allow me to post where I stand in all of the nonsense.

Before Inkbunny came to be there was FA and SoFurry.  FA being well known for their user friendly browsing and being an open-minded site, they became more popular then SoFurry.  SoFurry is also open-minded to everything, but is more considered a backup site just in case FA falls through.  I don't know the origin to InkBunny though before the cub porn banning though.  Maybe they knew that something like that might happen once SoftPaw Magazine kicked off. Who knows?

Also note, it's not just the cub porn that would result in a ban or "suspension."  It was also Sonic art, and canon cartoon characters like Tiny Toons and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  You can talk to
about that.  Because of those things and SoFurry still being having their old simplistic layout, every artist, cub porn supporting, and wrongfully banned *points to self* furs flocked to this site and starting to settle in.  Meanwhile the mods here are doing their best to make this site better than FA. And they have in my eyes.  Filters, moderators actually responding to user questions, learning from their mistakes instead of suspending for no reason or warning.  Hell, FA are now keeping tabs on fursuiters should they ever do a sexy pose.  So Fem-suits better watch out.  Lav and Der nearly got suspended because of that.

As far as filtering goes. Yes, some users may not even put tags on their artwork and throw it up there.  Then again on the other side, those that end up seeing it through their filters shouldn't have to bitch, complain, or bother those who don't.  If they continue to keep posting cub porn without tags, there's always the Ban feature that YOU, the user, has.  Simply go to their profile, click "Ban User" and you don't have to look at their art ever again.  There's more than one way to filter CP mang :P

Speaking of which, the main reasoning that many want to leave InkBunny is because they see what they don't like on the front page.  Ironically the same for FA before the Cub banning I assume.  But SoFurry doesn't have a "Recent uploads" or "Popular" section...*checks*.....okay, maybe they do.  But it's not on the very top of the page.  And even though they have a brand new layout, it still hasn't gotten that populated...yet!  So here's the final suggestion to those that still wonder:

 - If you don't want to deal with cub porn including Sonic and cartoons of any sort but be more mindful on posting RL pictures, FurAffinity is the site to go to.
 - If you accept cub porn, have a tolerance to everything, or want to use the features that FA and SF wish they have, then InkBunny is the right place for you.  The only drawback is that there are no sexual interactions with humans, in which it is understandable.
 - If you want to see everything that is stated above with absolutely no problems what so ever then hop aboard the SoFurry Express

Even though InkBunny shows promise that it will be better than FA, I think SoFurry might sneak from behind and take the top spot since they're the "jack of all trades" site.

Oh, and the reason why the users are now bashing on RR here.  If a user asks for donations here to post pages of a hot comic involving a main character in high school (meaning that he's "under aged" too) that gets gang banged and then suddenly leaves the site because there too much cub porn, I would be pretty upset too if I donated just to see the artist leave me high and dry like that.  PLUS! For someone to be that good of an artist must have taken years to achieve that ability.  So to be in the fandom for that long and suddenly leave a site because of something that he doesn't like that he can't block/ban users to avoid said something?  Uncool or not, he....sorta-kinda-maybe deserved that.  But it's not like he's coming back to read the shouts anyway :P

*Your tolerable cool kitty*

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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
good stuff. good stuff.
6 years, 10 months ago
actually, there is a limit on sofurry, and that is there has to be something furry related in the picture.  I once had a picture of a pikmin rocket custom removed because it lacked furry content, but another picture that had the rocket was okay because it included actual pikmin (anthro ginger roots count)  Kind of a weird ruling, I thought the rocket would be okay because it is known to come from a universe where anthropomorphic things exist, but oh well.
6 years, 10 months ago
"Applause!" Oh, wait! That's a stage direction! >.< *Claps*
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