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Private Messaging feature updates and more

Hi everyone

We just upgraded Inbunny to version 52.

There were a few bugfixes and smaller changes and a couple of big ones.

The most important are that you can now sort your Private Messages by read/unread status, and that you can now set Private Messages read or unread with a single click.

Go to your Private Messages list if you want to play around with the new features! Just click that little black dot next to messages to change their read/unread status. It doesn't require a full page load. Sorting is changed by the new dropdown up the top that says "Sort by Date".

Note that you can still use the checkboxes and the "mark read" etc buttons when you need to do it to a whole bunch at once.

Here's the full list of changes for this version:

*    Added: You can now sort Private Messages by read/unread status. Now it's possible to see all the messages you may have missed no matter how far back in time they are buried.

*   Added: You can now quickly set the read/unread status of a Private Message with a single click (just like you can in mail clients like Thunderbird). Just click the black dot to the left of messages in the Private Messages list (your inbox) and the read/unread status will be immediately changed with NO page load.

*    Fixed: Searching with terms that contained certain non-alphanumeric characters like > & etc would cause issues when listing your search terms on the results page and when trying to “alter” the search terms and run the same search again. That is now fixed.

*    Optimised: The search page was accidentally running ratings filters even when you had all possible ratings turned on. This still worked fine but was a bit inefficient. The redundant filtering is now removed if you aren't trying to hide any particular content based on ratings for that one search.

*    Fixed: A bug in the tag filtering options for the Search page meant that it would behave oddly if you limited what ratings tags to find and then clicked one of the date range links on the search results page. It should be sane now.

*    Changed: The password reset email now automatically fills your username and email address in the form you get when you click the reset link. The reason for needing those on the form is to make it much harder for hackers/scripts to guess the values and try to force a password reset on your account. But it made no sense to expect someone who really has received and read the reset email to have to type them out by hand when they could be autofilled from the email link.

*    Fixed: The password reset process would take you back to the password reset screen after logging in. Now it will take you to the start page like it should.

*    Changed: The wording for “content blocked by artist name” is now “submissions blocked by artist name”. This is more specific as really the blocking only hides their submissions from you and not other things such as journals and comments.

*    Changed: The wording for “blocked content” or “blocked artists” is now “blocked submissions” for the same reasons (see above). This also helps prevent confusion between “banning” a user and “blocking their content/submissions” which are two different things.

*    Changed: When you load the login screen, it now focuses the username field automatically. This saves the effort of having to select it as 99% of the time people hitting that page want to type a username in to that field right away.

As always, the change history is documented at http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/Revisions


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Added: 10 years ago
Site News Item: yes
10 years ago
" Optimised: The search page was accidentally running ratings filters even when you had all possible ratings turned on. This still worked fine but was a bit inefficient.

Oh my god I freaking love you guys!  <3
10 years ago
yay updates :3
10 years ago
Now to work out how to merge your changes for the watched artist identifier!
10 years ago
Lemme know if you need help, but afaik it's not that difficult.
Well as far as i have understood it.
You can somehow check my commits online and then tell it to merge it or something like that, mmh, you'll figure something out  :3
10 years ago
Nice updates. =3

Is there any way to merge PM conversation threads into a single line rather than each message having it's own line? In other words, is there a way to group PMs based on who sent it and under what subject? My PMs are kind of out of control but only because every PM I get gets it's own line, even if it's a reply to a previously existing user/subject.

Alternatively, if the above is a coding nightmare, there's already a "Delete Thread" button, can a "Delete Thread Except The Most Current Message In That Thread" button be added? XD It would make things a LOT easier to clean up inboxes. =p
10 years ago
We could do that. Right now it's the way it is so you don't miss one message in a thread. If someone sends more than one message before you read the thread it can be easy to miss the older one, so it kinda forces you to acknowledge each one this way.
9 years, 11 months ago
Can't you at least allow the option of condensing conversation threads to a single listing in the PM page?  Long conversations (I'm talking 100+ messages) really clutter my inbox.  This is the one PM feature I've wanted from the start, and I always assumed it was going to be done eventually.  Personally, I don't think the current way of displaying it is any better than the GMail-style inbox listing we talked about way back when.  If there's more than one message, display a (#) next to the subject.  If the subject line has changed, then have it display the latest subject.  I really want this feature added.
9 years, 11 months ago
Yeah that one is planned!
10 years ago
ok i have successfully been confused i'll just pretend i didn't try to read this page
10 years ago
tl;dr: Stuff got updated! Most the Private Messaging page. :D
9 years, 12 months ago
Can... can you guys do the FA icons? You know, merge the two together.

taethefox but without the space or gap
9 years, 10 months ago
So the negative number of private messages was fixed as well? No more negatives?
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