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pro choice, and socioeconomic development.

So, i was talking to a friend today, and she was arguing for "pro lifers", i was arguing for "pro choice". (i won, with a very good argument).

Now first off, most "pro lifers" (at least the ones i've met) only care about "life", when you are in the womb, and are 18 years old (old enough to join the army in most countries) other than that, they don't care, won't give you a dime, and won't support any social support what so ever.  Show me a "pro lifer" who cares about a child after it's born, and maybe i'll change my stance on "pro lifers". (don't hold your breath)

also before i begin, every single last "pro lifer" i've ever had the displeasure of meeting, was a conservative religious fanatic, people who'd keep the populace "castrated", uninformed, and destitute, and would sell their own granny to a dog food producer if it meant they would have an extra $ in their pocket.

I'm pro choice, pro education, pro energy development, pro resource development, pro infrastructure.  and allow me to argue for the socioeconomic policy that comes from this.

I'm pro choice, i strongly believe that women and parents have the right to choose to abort a fetus, it is a constitutionally granted right to abort a fetus, and to have the choice to abort, or keep that fetus. it is not a god given right. a fetus can be aborted up to 6 months, after that, there is too much danger of killing the mother.  now i say this, because until the fetus is born, it's just that, it's a fetus, it's not a human, it's a fetus, it could be classified as a pine tree for all i care, yes it's a "human fetus" that when it is born will become a human being, but it is still a fetus.  it doesn't even legally count as a human being, until it's born, otherwise fetus's would be counted on census forms, and you would say, "why yes, we have 2.5 children."

 when you have a mother with 2 children already and a fetus in her womb, she does not say, she has 3 kids, she says, she has 2 kids, and one on the way.  It's a fetus, and as such, it could die in the womb, or it could survive and be born, becoming a human child.

So, if a mother chooses to abort a fetus, that's ok, if a mother chooses to keep the fetus, that's also ok.  so now we move onto pro education.

I'm pro education, so, now we have this newly born human child, who at some point will enter the education system to have knowledge crammed into their malleable brain meats.  and before it comes up, yes, i believe in separation of religion and state, and the separation of religion and education.  religious doctrine has it's place, just not in the school system.

So your child is growing up, having had a pretty good education, and they want to become an artist, or a doctor, or a 2nd Lieutenant in the military, awesome, ok, so all of these jobs, need infrastructure, resources and energy to work properly,

The artist, needs supplies, the hospital needs supplies, and the 2nd Lieutenant needs supplies which means that there needs to infrastructure in place to move all this stuff around, which also means that there needs to be resource development, and energy development, the resources are needed to build the infrastructure, and the energy is needed to mine the minerals and makes the materials.

Now i do have caveats, resource development should happen in your own country, and you should export the fully finished material to who is going to buy it. not this; our resources are "owned" by foreign interests, and a fee is paid, no, forget that, if countries want oil, they can buy it refined from the country of origin, not exported raw, and refined else-where.  they want gold? they can buy the finished gold bricks, and pay the market costs.

the same with energy developments, they should be done in country, and suit the needs of the country, not the foreign investment interests.

keeping resource development in country means that there are jobs to be had by the countries populace, there are higher revenues and more money in the coffers of the government,  keeping energy development in the country means that technology is made to suit the needs of the country, this also means more jobs are kept in the country and there is less outsourcing to foreign interests.  keeping the education system in tiptop shape and ensuring that everyone has access to it means even more jobs, and a highly trained and skillful workforce, even less need for foreign intervention.

Giving people the choice to abort or keep a fetus, means that hopefully, the fetus survives and is allowed to be born and become a child. A child that will need a socioeconomic support structure of education, energy, resources and infrastructure to be a fully useful member of society.

but, if the choice was made to abort the fetus, then so be it.  choice made, consequences dealt with, life goes on.
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