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Assassin Guilds

These are the two types of assassin guilds in Blood and Shadow. Not the only two, just the two TYPES.

Shadow Clans-


    Original assassin guilds.

    Are rumored to be members of a single family.

    Are called shadow for their ability to meld into the shadows.

    Members of the shadow won't be expelled from the shadows when light is shined on them.

    The clans only job is to kill other assassins, or troublesome members of the merc clans.

    Clan elders are retired assassins.

    Is rumored in some parts to kidnap children and turn them into assassins.


Merc Clans-


    Splintered from Shadow Clans a generations ago.

    Are not related by blood.

    Clan elder is a title more then the leader being a person of old age.

    Elders are forbidden from participating in any fights involving persons outside of a guild/clan.

    Do jobs ranging from spying to assassinations.

    Jobs are divided based on danger level and pay. Purple being the lowest and most easy jobs, while red and black are the highest. Black being assassination jobs.

    The clan places it's members in hotels and apartments around the city. These locations are top secret, and protects the clan from losing it's members in a singular pin pointed attack.
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