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It was a Thursday night and I was standing outside a new friends door excited to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones.Dave and I had met at tech school about a year ago and were fast friends from the start. We spent a lot of our free time together as we shared a lot of interests. Getting high and trying to get laid at the top of that list.We were having the time of our young lives. I was still living at home but he had a small apartment and I spent a lot of time there. We partied with girls our age there a lot, often with me on the couch with whoever and he and his partner in his bed. His bed room had no door so we all heard each other.On one occasion the girl I was with freaked out at the lack of privacy that she left. I was shocked, embarrassed for her and I and very disappointed. I was slowly leaving when I heard whispering from Daves room and then Stella, his date peaked around the corner and asked: "She left? Fuck, that's too bad. Cock tease."Exactly I thought when she shifted enough to expose one breast and enough hip to show me she was naked, naked and very hot. I was still semi hard from my almost date so seeing her I quickly got harder. I had to shift my stance to try to work my cock to a more comfortable position and realised she saw it.Smiling and looking me right in the eye she said: "Would you like to join us?' and stepped into the room exposing herself completely.Young, firm, hot and willing, all a young man desires so I moved to her and she took my hand and led me to Dave's bed. He was laying in the middle of the bed, naked and slowly stroking a very nice looking cock."Are you OK with this?" In hindsight it was a stupid question as he was naked and stroking a hard cock."Sure, you want the end that talks or walks?" he said."I'll take the bottom, the end with two holes. " I joked as I stripped."Woo, you boys are pretty sure of yourselves! I'll decide who gets what and does what to who. Now, you new guy, I want your end with the tongue first." she said to me.Laying down and pushing Dave to the edge of the bed she said to him: "Lay right here and keep that cock hard I'll need it soon."And that was they way it went with Stella in charge. Needless to say everyone got sucked, licked or fucked to their delight. Dave and I being directed to change ends when she wanted.There was plenty of fun for all with no direct contact between Dave and I. I thought of it all the time over the next few weeks.Back to the time at hand.He seemed shocked to see me. Dressed in only sweats and no shirt I could see the hint of his cock. Trying not to stare I said: " I thought we were going to watch the end of Thrones? Am I interrupting something?""No, no , not really, maybe. I thought that was tomorrow night?" he asked."No, I think we said tonight. Look you are obviously into something now, I'll see you tomorrow." I stammered trying not to look at his cock as it moved around in his sweats."No, no, no. Come in. You are here now and there was something I wanted to talk to you about anyway, but there is something I really need to take care of first.As we reached his couch I saw it covered with a towel. There was a bottle of lube and a vibrator and a pot pipe at hand. The throw rug that was usually between the couch and the TV was rolled up and against the wall.I turned not to stare only to see the TV paused on a porno. Not just any porno, a bisexual one. No doubt about it there was a naked woman watching an equally naked guy with an impressive cock in his mouth."Listen, we are friends, i like you, I trust you but I need this right now. I have been edging all afternoon and am about to finally get off, so stay, leave or whatever, just please let me do this." he said as he dropped his sweats and taking his very nice cock in hand and settling back onto the couch unpaused the video and started stroking his meat. His cock was more than a handful, cut and he was completely shaved or waxed."I hope you aren't offended and you are welcome to stay, I want you to stay so please get comfortable and watch, ignore me or join in." he said then going back to work on his cock.I wasn't about to leave. The situation was so hot leaving didn't enter my mind. Ignoring it was also not happening so I kicked off my shoes and sat the only place there was. On the couch next to him.I thought his attention was fixed on the action on the screen but I caught him staring at my cock getting hard in my jeans."You know I feel kind of foolish being naked and jerking myself off. I would feel a lot better if you got naked too." He said nodding his head towards my aching cock filling the front of my jeans. "That looks really uncomfortable, let it loose!"Finally surrendering to the moment I decided to just say fuck it and find out just where this was going.I struggled some getting out of my jeans and underwear. Dave acted like he wanted me naked as bad as I wanted ,even helping me untangle my legs from the knot of my clothes. As I finally got my legs free he took the opportunity to run his hand between my legs, over my balls and up my shaff saying: "There doesn't that feel better? You're free now, let yourself go."Uncomfortable being the center of attention I tried to divert it by saying: "There was something you wanted to talk to me about?"Immediately I felt foolish. Here I was naked sitting inches away from another guy also naked and both of us very aroused and I was trying to divert his attention from my cock waving around.He helped by saying: "Well I guess now must be the time so here goes. Remember when we had that threesome with Stella?""Fuck yeah, I can't stop thinking about it. That girl sure was hot she had us doing everything." I said reaching for my cock finally. Fully committed to this now I cupped and squeezed my sack with one hand and stroked my cock with the other."Well yes and no. There was a lot more that we, we, you and I could have done and I can't stop thinking about it.' He quietly confessed.The picture becoming clearer to me he went on to say: "I can't stop thinking about how much I wished I had touched you more."There had been some incidental contact between us but nothing really memorable, but I was realizing what he was saying and for a split second wanted to bolt but realized that I wanted it to."So, if you wanted to touch me then how about now? " I asked hoping.Taking the offer of my acceptance of this he slid up tight next to me and reached for my cock. I actually raised my hips directing my cock to his hand. When he wrapped his hot hand around my shaft I let out a moan from deep inside me somewhere."Oh my god does that feel good. You are right we should have done this before now." I moaned. He was obviously well practiced in the art of handling a cock, working the shaft, then running his finger tip through the clear juice leaking out of my cock and massaging it into my cock head. He didn't forget my balls either as he cupped and caressed them on the down stroke.I was squirming around absolutely overpowered by the feeling of someone else's hand on me. Another guys hand on me and it felt amazing. I felt no shame or fear.I had had fleeting thoughts about something like this but always dismissed them as "gay" or wrong. There was nothing wrong about this and I said to Dave: "I was so worried about something like this making me gay or that it was wrong. But it feels so right. Tell me you feel the same so I don't freak." I almost begged." Do you want to know how right I think this is?" He said as he got up onto his knees and covered my cock with his mouth. "How's that for something not wrong. We aren't homos and there is nothing wrong with that, but we are just two horny guys who like sex and are exploring just another way to give and get some new pleasure."With that said he want back to sucking my cock like no other has ever."Oh fuck me! Have you done this before? You are to good at this." I asked.He just shook his head not letting go of the sweet oral grip he had on my cock. In our threesome with Stella she had sucked us both and she was my first for that and I thought it was the best blow job ever but Dave was making me forget all about her."If you don't slow down you are going to get a surprise." I said.Pulling free from my cock he quickly said: "That is what I want. Give it to me." and he went back to sucking me.True to my word I started cumming almost immediately shooting hot streams of cum into his mouth. He was keeping up with me when that one ball wrenching load filled his mouth and he had to come up for air. Still stroking my cock he milked the last of my juice from me."I sure hope you are OK with that." he said shakily."Chill dude, that was without a doubt the best blow job I have ever had and all it did was make me want to do the same for you." I told him hoping to alleviate any fears he might still have."Oh fuck yeah, I was afraid after you came you would have a change of heart and bolt." he said laying back, spreading his legs and stroking his delicious cock."Relax, I so want to suck you off now! You were my best ever and all i want to do is be yours. I don't want to run away into the sunset with you but I want us to remember this night forever." I said settling in between his spread legs and taking his cock from his hand into mine. I wanted to remember every bit of it. I couldn't believe hot hard yet soft it felt. Silky smooth easily seven inches of pure man meat and I wanted it all.For a split second I wondered how it would feel filling my virgin ass. I couldn't believe I thought that! I hadn't even tasted him and I was thinking about getting fucked!As I said: "You want to know how safe you are? This should answer that question and maybe ask a few more." with that I covered his fat cock head with my mouth and i knew immediately this would not be the last time I did this."I can't believe how perfect this feels. " I told him as I went back to savoring his cock.homemade gay tube pornI held just the crown in my mouth and circled it with my tongue. Fuck it felt wonderful. The more of him I sucked into my mouth the better it felt. He seemed to be the perfect size. It felt comfortable, so natural having a hard cock in my mouth.Just as I was getting into my first blow job he pulled away saying: "You have me so hot I am about to cum and want to make this last.""Go ahead and cum, I can guarantee we won't be done with you cumming but if you want to chill a bit, roll over and show me that ass."I couldn't believe how fast I was flying. An hour ago I wanted to see the finish of one of my favorite shows and now I just wanted to finish him.Tentatively he turned around not knowing what I wanted so I told him: "Kneel and lean on the back of the couch, Good, now spread your legs and relax and enjoy."Still amazed at what I was doing I caressed his naked cheeks, squeezing and spreading them. Each time exposing his brown hole to my lusty gaze. Leaning closer I knew he could feel my hot breath on his anus when he moaned."You like that? Has anyone ever done this for you?" I asked as I massaged his hole with the pad of my thumb."Oh my god no, please don't stop!" he pled.Touching his hole with the tip of my thumb I just barely pressed inside."You like this?" I asked pushing gently as my thumb entered him to the first joint."Oh yes you nasty fuck. I was afraid you would punch me if I tried to touch you, I never expected this." I confessed."How about this? Do you like this?" I asked as I touched his hot hole with my tongue."Oh, fuck me! You nasty slut I might just love you!" He screamed before realizing just what he said.I could feel him tense up and stammer saying: "I...I...I don't , you know..."Saving him, I held him in place confessing: "Relax you whore, you will forget me the next time some little bimbo gives you a look. But think about this, we may never do this again, we might, but assuming we don't we better do it right this time. So we forget all our fears and just enjoy this for what it is. I can't believe I am saying this to your ass hole!"I chuckled a bit until he reached back and spread his cheeks for me, not saying a word. This freed up my hands so I could reach between his legs and squeeze his sack. I reached for my cock with my other hand to find it hard and leaking precum.Knowing this could be a test to see who could last the longest without cumming and knowing we were both close to cumming, so...I went back to work on his hole. Releasing my cock I took his into my hand as I ate his ass like a starving man. I had eaten a fare share of girls pussys and a couple of attempts on their little holes. Both girls seemed to enjoy the nastiness of someone licking their "other" hole only to freak and make me stop. One acted ashamed the other repulsed so having Dave so greedily accept my exploration I dove right in.I am very oral and always explored cunnilingus so I took to analingus easily. I wondered, was it my oral fixation or the unbelievable idea of what I was doing. It excited me and for a split second embarrassed me. I soon got over the embarrassment as I felt his cock expand and his balls tighten right up into his groin as he spewed his seed all over the couch back.As I felt his balls empty I slowed my assault on his hole.Leaning back, as he rolled to his side, we both saw the spluge all over the couch back."Nice load!" I complimented him."Yeah, but I'll never get the satin out." He joked.It was then that I realized that I had cum also. Without a touch."Better plan on cleaning here too." I said pointing at my mess.the gay webcam chatLaughing he said: "Let's go to bed and see what we can ruin there.
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