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Paws-on: Guild Wars 2 Beta #1BIS

" #1bis " because it was just a 7 hours stress test, didn't had the chance to try and see a lot of things (Yeah.... You can't see much in 7 hours of Guild Wars) but still... Worth a new "Paws-on".

So the Stress Test ended one hour ago, and i finally managed to play with friends (3 actually)

First thing first, ArenaNet did a really good job for this Stress Test. Almost no lag, no disconnection or whatever.
Though, it can also be because it was during Monday Night. But i doubt it. The servers were quite well populated, even if not completely full (Like in the first Beta Weekend)
Note: The FPS drop was still present, anyway. But they didn't worked on this, i assume, yet.

Now, beside that, what's new? Nothing, it was just a Stress test remember. But i still have a lot to say:
Even if we could use our previous character from the Beta Weekend, this time i made a Norn Ranger.
Actually, the character creation buged for the first few hours, and played with my Charr before i was able to make my Norn, but i still had the time to play quite a bit with her (Yep, Female Norn)
The female Norns have really nice feature in the Character creator, and the armor looks cool... and some others are showing quite a lot of skin, you may like, hate, or don't care. Myself i'm between the Not care and Like But whatever.

For the Ranger class, it's quite fun. Used a Throwing Axe and Warhorn, was quite good for doing decent damage, and support my friends at the same time. This weapon combo was more interesting than i expected it to be. Didn't had the chance to see more weapons for the ranger yet.
But the Pets of the Ranger are quite weak, they die really fast, and if you ask them to avoid combat, they won't use their Boon skills... As an example, i had a Raven Pets, and he wasn't using his Speed Boon on me if i asked him to stay out of combat. It would be better if Pets were still useful even if not fighting.

I didn't had time to see much of the Main story line for the Norn, so i can't say much about it, but as it is, it's quite good. But not as much as the Charr's Story line (but i may be biased about this one, heh)

And finally, with friends the game is even better.
When i met up with my friends (Using Skype is helpful) we exchanged a bit about what we found, what we liked (A lot), what we didn't (Not a lot), and did quests together.
It was better than questing with random peoples, not only because we knew each others, but because we were telling each others what we needed (Like Putting fire on the ground, so we could use it to shoot Fire arrows, etc...) or to warn each others about an incoming mob or attack. Instead of just... "Playing solo with peoples" i'd say.
Also, the Main story quests are easier with friends, and way funnier. Of course the quest are good even if you solo them, but with a few friends, it's a lot better.

So, end of the line for the Stress Test, ask your friends to join you, or make new ones in-game. It's the best way to play Guild Wars 2.

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