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Who's watching the Hollywood monkeys???!

I know everyone and their mother will be cramming the theaters on May 19th to see the new movie Battleship, but the showing of this just only further proves that the monkeys in Hollywood are running out of ideas and are flinging shit everywhere.  The new movie Battleship that is coming is made by the same people who did the Transformers movies (which weren't bad), but the title and the fact the line "We can't see them, but they can't see us either" that is used in one of the movie commercials gives away the sad fact that the movie is based off the board game of the same fucking name!  THE BATTLESHIP BOARD GAME!  What's next?  A movie based off the board game Guess Who?!  Are we going to see a Candy-land movie in the future?!

But that's just the tip of the massive Hollywood shit pile my friends.  Universal Studios has let it out that they are in the making of a movie inspired by, wait for it... Clifford the Big Red Dog!   The Children's book series about a red Labrador-like dog that started off as a puppy that could sit in a tea cup, and grew up to be the size of a two story house!  And guess what folks- its going to be a live action movie too!  Also Hollywood is in the making of a remake of Total Recall  The original movie was lame, so why in the Hell are they doing a fucking remake of it?!

I think its high time we put some new blood into Hollywood.  Heck lets throw some Furries in there and see what will happen.  I personally would actually go see a movie of Kyell Gold's novel Waterways or a movie of the Out of Position series.  Would be loads better than seeing a movie based off of something like The Snorks...
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Yeah even when I saw the first previews of that battleship movie I thought it looked horribly stupid.
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