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Update - And 90% irrelevant journal

Entry 1: Update

This is a big deal to me. After all that work on getting a laptop like I've said I would, if all goes well, as of the monday after next, I should be on my way to getting one. That's when I'll be doing my shopping around. I'm a bit of a gamer but don't play crazy strong games on laptops, so I'm gonna settle on a 4GB, but if possible, under 500 bucks, I'll try to get a 6GB. Either way, I'm almost there.

Entry 2: Gamers

This one is geared toward the many games I play, and I'm sure for people that do social gaming, know exactly what I'm talking about. Seriously, what is the point of playing a game if you're going to ragequit if you're losing. What is SO BAD about losing? I just can never understand it. I guess I'm an oddball for being born with pride and honor, because I just don't get it. Whether I'm playing Pokemon, which I do Wi-Fi battles from time to time. Lots of times when I'm at the upper hand, they love to suddenly disconnect. IT's even funnier when they bring all their overpowered pokemon to the fight, and yet, the first hint of a loss, or even waiting til their last one goes down, they'll disconnect and pretend like it never happened. That's such a shameful act. IT happens in League of Legends and even Yugioh for me, and possibly any other internet-connected games. I just don't understand.

One cannot truly appreciate a win until they understand what a loss is. Losing a game isn't the end of the world and really isn't even that big of a deal, so why ruin it for the other person? It's just one thing that pisses me off. Competitiveness has just gone to hell over the years.

Entry 3: Be Prepared!

So, after checking some Trivia today, I actually found out that, and this is only for us 90's babies  out there, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/SatAM Sonic...Robotnik's voice actor did the last half of Be Prepared, Scar's song from The Lion King. Seriously, check it.  Right after the line "You won't get a sniff without me!" His voice...it sounds so similar, but people who truly were into Sonic back then or even a little bit now, will definitely hear that evil genius' voice taking over in the song.

Entry 4: Commissions

I miss them. That is all. After I get this laptop, I will definitely be saving up to get some once every once in a while. Once I get a job, even moreso, that's for sure!

Entry 5: Wacom Bamboo

I've had one for months and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I wanna try to get into digital art but I have no idea where to start. I think I just need some tutorial and stuff. If you know where I can find some, let me know!


Alright. Just combined 5 potential journals into one. READ IT!
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Just a quick comment! Regarding Pokemon battles, I tried "serious" Pokemon competition online recently and I can tell you for a fact: if you let your opponent set up, you might as well quit, because you'll be clean-swept. Of course, some people are just rage-quitting, but some are actually just saving time. A beefed up Dragonite or Porygon-Z (just... Porygon-Z, if you let the slow bugger get a turn) is going to one-shot your entire team, one after another.

I hate competitive Pokemon, for the record. I really do. But I did try my hand at it.
7 years ago
omg i miss the old yu-gi-oh show i still have my cards i miss playing it ahhhh blue eyes white dragon
7 years ago
...What the buck is wacom bamboo?
7 years ago
Drawing Tablet. x3
7 years ago
Huh, never knew that about the voice actor for Robotnik.  To the youtubes!  
 Wow...you were right.    O.o  
7 years ago
I knew there was something familiar about his voice! :D

BTW Mave it Fraddas! hit me up on skype or yahoo for a chat if in when ya got the time. (DM for address to both)  
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