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Kitty Update: Getting the Hang On Things

I haven't done any updates in a long while.  In fact I haven't done anything in a long while except post a up to date version of my ponysona.

So far Blaze and I are getting use to the new apartment as well as coming up with the figures being rent, bills, food, n' such.  Granted this is the first time having an apartment with a true and understanding landlord.  She's the uber nice type, but does get her point across either way.  Meanwhile, as far as work goes, the days are going by smoothly and we're getting better and better at what we do.  But kitty needs some medical advise.

Recently every time I sleep or not move my fingers for a while they're just fine, but when I get them to move again the muscles in them start to hurt.  After moving them around for a while they're back to normal for the rest of the day unless I keep my hands still, in which they start to cramp up again.  Blaze thinks it's arthritis, but I thought that to be a long term thing no matter what and not temporary.   If anyone has suggestions for this let me know.  I don't pain relief is going to cut it and it might be due to lack of vitamins.

Moving along to some good news, seeing that we've started our jobs this year, I was worried that we wouldn't go to any conventions.  Fortunately we were successful in getting Anthrocon off, so that's a relief.  Now I can focus on making a time sweeper, getting a new rave staff to try on the top of the convention center, and actually follow up on giving a little extra tip to Fernando's when I get there.  Meanwhile if Blaze is lucky, he might get something cool from the artist behind Sly Cooper since he's one of the GOH.

As far as what I'm doing in my spare time, it's at a stand still for the moment.  I'm so tempted to nab a commission from someone now that I have a grasp on our funding, but fully settling in is a pain.  What's basically killing my chances are the pet deposit payments and getting ready to move our belongings that we've left behind back at Bassett.  In other words, renting a U-Haul.  One thing is still true from the latest voice post, July will be the month where everything is fully paid, moved, and settled.  And that goes for our two awesome roommates.  I'll describe them as such, one is another mate of ours who happens to be an avid collector and have a knowledge of fursuits.  The other is a part of the Creed fanbase and is a friend of ours that's loyal and stuck with us through thick and thin through the 5 years of difficulty me and Blaze had since we were in Round Lake, IL.

With knowing the responsibilities, close relationships with each other throughout the years, and straight out randomness we all have, this is the kind of group that will not fail.  No grudges, no moral conflicts, and no 1-upmanship.  Four random furs who actually want to have fun and have a positive outlook in life.  The madness will begin once Anthrocon comes our way.

*One month to go until then*

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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Hmmm, muscles being painful when moved after inactivity, and activity makes the pain fade?  First off, you should make an appointment with a physician as soon as the health insurance allows, there could be a number of causes, some of them serious.

Secondly, have you been getting enough fruit in your diet?  Potassium shortages can lead to odd muscle pains, so grab a banana or two.

Congrads on the job situation, I know how finances can get tight, I'm still paying off ant trying to maintain a house.

If we don't meet up at a Gameworks event, I'll see you kats at MFF 2012.
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