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Nostalgia boom.

I took someone close to me to see Sonic the Hedgehog opening weekend and I have to admit I really enjoyed it. We talked about all the little not Easter eggs that were in the movie that we caught including some from the newer games that she saw that I did not send I've never played some of the newer games like Sonic Mania. The way she freaked out when tell showed up in the final post credit was both funny and endearing. We knew that he was going to be there because how can you have a Sonic movie without at least the tale cameo? Honestly I was expecting the chaos emeralds to be referenced instead we got would look like some hundreds of years old Knuckles clan people then why Sonic's age was never officially stated he gave off the impression at least to me of a hyperactive 10 year old give or take which makes sense since she began Freedom Spike Lee around 10 years old if I remember my lower correctly. Turn off all her all it was a pretty fun movie even if a few things barely made sense such as the road trip Sonics catch phrases and stuff like that where supposedly taken from the fact that his major interaction with people was watching movies through the windows so from his perspective that's how things were supposed to go how people spoke when doing things like a road trip. Sonic Speed was inconsistent but then again Sonic Speed is always inconsistent I remember when I showed my younger sister tapes of the original Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon which was renamed Sonic and Sally around the time she hit what 5 years old I think it's been a long time I don't really remember and according to it the Freedom Fighters with the exception of pills were here around 9 to 10 years old when they escaped mobitropolis as Robotnik took over. The road trip theme only makes sense because of Sonics being * 4 actual interaction with the people despite him having a somewhat creepy stalker vibe early in the movie when he described how he and tracked it with the people of Green Hills which is to say not at all watching them like a Peeping Tom with the exception of the crazy guy who he would speak to from the Shadows. In the next movie we're kind of expecting Knuckles tails Metal Sonic and time travel to come into effect if back if they go the way I was telling her it will probably go robotnik's going to use the quill that he is using to get home in order to power metal Sonic which is probably the only reason why medical Sonic will be able to keep up with Sonic in the next movie assuming that they do use Metal Sonic in the next movie I would recommend going to see if you have not already it's not going to be like a video game app that patient or anything like that they took bits and pieces of the Sonic media from all over the place except for the first thing there's no telling where longclaw came from I would have preferred that they use Rosie from Sonic and Sally who was the caretaker of the Freedom Fighters until they hit like the early teens is she was captured and roboticized. Then again with all the legal drama this been going on who knows what characters from the original series they can actually use these days
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