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Welcome to Inkbunny Shuu!

A cat wearing a short-sleeved hoodie and khaki shorts is accompanied by a black colored penguin like creature with slits for legs and a long red and blue scarf come walking into the empty inkbunny account.

Cat: Well that could have gone better.

Penguin: It's your own fault you should have increased your security but noo you were too busy playing hero in that damn tower.

Cat: Persona 3 is a good game Kell! How the hell was I was supposed to know Furaffinity was going to get hacked to hell and back?!

Kell: It doesn't matter like there was anything you have on your account isn't really worth much to anyone but you Shuu.

Shuu: Is that in insult?

Kell: *Shrugs* Take it as you will. So what are we doing here than?

Shuu: Well I just thought it would be a good idea since I ain't doing too much on FA and maybe a change of scenery will do me some good.

Kell: Well getting a free water fall for your account space is pretty nice. But don't you think there is an excessive amount of kids running around here?

Shuu looks out the door of his account space and there are a good deal of kids running around.

Shuu: Meh what could it hurt? Anyway I'm going to go set up shop here. Why don't you go and get a new Prinny Police unit up and running?

Shuu walks off to start setting up his new workshop while the left behind prinny merely shrugs.

Kell: Well here we go again. Maybe this time he won't forget we're here and leave this account gathering dust for goodness knows how long.

Kell the prinny shakes his head and walks off after his employer.

Thanks to anyone who decides to watch me here on inkbunny. For Anyone new I like to do a little skit for my journals to explain what's going on in my life instead of just writing it out because to me it's more fun that way. Well hopefully I can make this account into something I can be proud of and you guys can enjoy reading what I put up here. I suck at drawing but you may see some art work from a good friend of mine with my personal commentary added to it ofcourse.
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