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Furry Avengers: Red Nidhigg

After enjoying the Avengers; my mate, lil bros and me decided to start this as a project we will be doing soon teehee... Turning ourselves into heroes equivalent to those in Avengers. So here its mine

Hero Name: Red Nidhogg.

Real Name: Draco Divine/Nidhoggson.

Age: 23 (Real age unknown).

Human Avenger similar: Thor.

- Control over Fire
- Flying capabilites (Since he has wings)
- Some electric powers (Called Crimson Bolt)

- Super strenght
- Excelent combat features
- Capacity to turn into a giant Wolf and a giant Dragon (Emulations of his parents)

Recruited: Joined the team for fun.

Outfit: He wears a black coat with crimson interior and decors. A red trouser. Chestplate under the coat. Dual shoulder armor over the coat with a stripe going from the right shoulder armor where he clips his sword sheath. He has leg protectos emulating boots. On the head he wears a silver mask sometimes but almost always wears a modified version of Loki's helmet so it can fit his wolf head.

Weapon: Gram, sword delivered to him by Odin. It's a long sword with dented edges near the guard. The guard has two pikes near the base. The pommel is circular. In the guard there is an emblem representing the triquet. Garm's sheath adapts compeltely to the pikes in the guard.

Clash of the worlds with first Avengers: He met the Avengers from other univers once. In that team his Greatgranduncle Thor was a member. He reveals that he is Loki's greatgrandson and that he is not evil like that universe one, but just mischievous. Besides, he says that the helmet is a familiar relic.

-When meeting the Avengers: "Wow! An honor to meet those who gave origin to the diverse groups, like mine, in other universes."
- When asked about him not using a cape being the similar to Thor: "I have a pair of wings in my back. How the heck am I supposed to wear a cape?!"
- When asked about his helmet: "This? It's just an old family relic. Sometimes I use a silver mask, but this reminds me that I should not walk the evil's path."

Profile: Coming Soon.
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
hehe seems you had a great time papa =D
7 years, 2 months ago
yes indeed I did!! hehe
7 years, 2 months ago
what was it like? *hopes in your lap*
7 years, 2 months ago
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