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Weekly Update (2019/12/02)


Howdy, everybody!

The commissions are rocking along and things are going well!  I feel like I'm on track to finish my work by the New Year, which is fantastic!

I'm still lagging a bit from the long weekend, but hopefully things won't be too much of a pain to get going.

Not much to talk about, still working, still going!

I'm going to be talking to people on my list, so if you want to discuss changes to your commissions or want a refund, let me know.  Otherwise I'm going to be scheduling streams and establishing who I can just work on mock-ups and preliminary sketches for.

Anyway, onto the lists! Here’s the short list.

#419 (DocCarrot) - Complete!
#420 & 448 (RazorBreeze) - Complete!
Patreon Reward (Norithics) - Not Started
Patreon Reward (Kithpine) - Not Started
#410 (camel) - Not Started
#411 (Cole) - Not Started
#415 (CuriousGarchomp) - Not Started
#442 (MadCoil) - Complete!
#443 (MadCoil) - In Progress! (Lineart)
#416 (Winter) - Scheduled for 12/4

The FULL list is, of course, on the Schedule Page.

Various Happenings is currently on hold until I’ve completed most of my current commissions. Once I’ve done that, and transitioned to working on my Patreon items, I’ll go back and start working on the remainder of Chapter 5 and the updates to the site that I’m planning.

It won’t be much, but it’ll be a bit of an overhaul to go with the new format.

Why is it getting warm again?!  It's December!! Aaaaugh!
Anyway, you all have a good week!



A Special Thanks goes out to this month's Super Fox, MechaGhost2003, for their support!  If you want to help us stay fed and invest towards some cool projects in the future like more Various Happenings, consider checking us out over on Patreon.  We really couldn't do it without fans and supporters like you.


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