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Codex: Tyrusien Mating Ritual

Desided to bring back to codex after what… a year… maybe to. For those of you who don’t know what my codex is, I have a lot of characters and races and need to keep up with them. After playing some of Bio-Wear’s games, I’ve decided to adoped their codex system. Some years ago I thought about putting them onto my journals since… well they are just kind of siting there so I need to do something with it. First codex entry I’m sure you will like ;3 The Tyrusien Mating Ritual. My next pic is going to be of Gomoo and Hunter preforming this ritual so I thought why not make this the first codex entry on FA. Oh and quick note, Hunter is a Tyrusien.
Spelling and grammar advice is welcome.

Codex Entry
Tyrusien Mating Ritual

Unlike most races, it is almost impossible to arouse a Tyrusiens. All attempts to artificially stimulate arousal have turned the Tyrusien subject into a raving animal, thirsting for blood and meat. Some scientists have even been eaten by their test subjects trying to find a way to drive a Tyrusien into heat. Despite this, this hasn’t prevented the Tyrusiens from taking mates and reproducing. The Tyrusiens most accepted form of taking a mate or spouse is though a mating ritual. The Tyrusiens will do theirs in privet feeling that the act of becoming one should be a privet affair between the two lovers. The female would be taken to an indoor garden, stripped down, and decorated. Some of the decorations are believed to increases the chances of the female becoming pregnant. As for the male he is taken to a room that would link him to the garden and prepared in the same way, only he would be bather in spices that would increases sensitivity, and injected with non-addictive drugs that would give him more stamina and produce more semen. The objective of this ritual is to impregnate the female with their first child. The male is then let into the garden with the female, who will often be placed on a soft bed and covered in flowers, waiting for the male to join her. The Tyrusiens say that love is the only thing that will bring them into heat although some Tyrusiens have been known to turn their heat off and on at will, implying that there is something else at work. Unfortunately the fact that the Tyrusien even have mating rituals offends their rival race, the humans because most humans believe in holding what they call a wedding ceremony before reproducing. Adversely the Tyrusiens are offended by weddings because they are to public and some strongly resemble some of the proceedings they had to take when their infamous Forced Abortion law was still in effect, forcing Tyrusien couples to register their mate ship status before having a child. Those that broke the law would have their child aborted no matter how old they were.

Other Codex Entry’s will fallow. If any of you have request of entries you want me to put in, such as some things that were mentioned in this entry like the poor relationship between Tyrus and Earth, feel free to ask, until then I hope you enjoy the upcoming pic :3
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