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Weekly Update (2019/10/29)


(Had this prepared yesterday but I was too tired to post it.  n.n; )

Hey there, everyone!

Almost the Spookyday! :3
This month has been kind of hard for me, as I've really wanted to participate, but I just haven't been able to do so.  Commissions are still trickling in a little at a time and I'm doing them as fast as I can manage.

Right now I'm just trying to work down the list and get everything taken care of so that I can free myself up for more work.

It's a long road, but I'm trying to go down it one step at a time.

Things are getting better where we're at!  We've gotten current on all our bills and we're actually able to start saving up for things now!

We just bought a new toaster oven, which will dramatically increase the number of things we can make, and I plan on getting a microwave with my next big commission payout, which will make leftovers much easier, too!  Little things, but you don't know what you take for granted until you don't have it anymore, right?

So yeah, chipping away, and working on a bunch of stuff.  Got some stuff to talk about and that coming up, but I'm not QUITE ready to blab about it publickly.  Maybe this week (soonish) or maybe not for a couple of months yet, but I'll think on it.  Either way, I'll   make it its own post in the appropriate places when it's time.

Anyway, work stuff!

#404 (Hunter) - In Progress (Lineart)
#407 (Iron) - In Progress (Lineart)
#419 (DocCarrot) - In Progress (Lineart)
#420 & 448 (RazorBreeze) - In Progress (Preliminary   Sketching)
#428 (Foxy Dean) - In Progress (Preliminary Sketching)
#429 (Radec) - In Progress (Preliminary Sketching)
Patreon Reward (Norithics) - Not Started
Patreon Reward (Kithpine) - Not Started

The FULL list is, of course, on the Schedule Page.

New page for Various Happenings this week.  We're still heading for the end of Chapter 5.  I estimate it's going to be about ten or eleven more pages and then we'll be done with the first... part of the first arc.

It's been a long road, honestly, but we're doing it!

Now that it's started raining, it's raining pretty much every other day now!  Which... you know, isn't bad, but the grass is loving it, let me tell you.

Have a happy Halloween, and a reverent Samhain everyone!  Keep an eye on the ghosts and ghouls, and don't forget to pay respect to the ones that look familiar!



A Special Thanks goes out to this month's Super Fox, Curious Garchomp, for their support!  If you want to help us stay fed and invest towards some cool projects in the future like more Various Happenings, consider checking us out over on Patreon.  We really couldn't do it without fans and supporters like you.


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