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A closing note on the Naturama Commissions

After being done with uploading all the pictures, I want to take the opportunity, to say a few things about the commissions.

First of all, I want to thank all of you for making this such a great experience. Thanks to everyone who participated in this project and of course thanks to everyone who contributed to it. The naturama project itself is still running and there are lots of different artists still available for commissions. So if you'd like to support us and our goals, check out the official homepage on naturama-projekt.org .

That being said, this line of commissions was also a stress test for me as an artist. In the past, commissions have always been difficult to deal with. Because often when I would be doing them, I just lost interest in them and a lot of ideas of my own popped into my head, that I'd rather draw at that moment, than the commissions. Thats why, commissions sometimes took very long to be finished.
The thing is, whenever I have no commissions to do, I tend to have no new ideas for pictures and therefore want to do commissions. But whenever I do them, I rather want to draw pictures for myself, because I get so many new ideas. Its a bit of a vicious cycle.

So with the Naturama commissions, it wasnt like that - at all. To my surprise I managed to keep my motivation up through all of them and had a lot of fun doing them. I managed to get something done every day and finished a picture in the timespan of 1-3 days. Granted, they were simpler pictures, but seeing as my usual output of picture was one per week, I'd say this is pretty good.

Now, as some might have noticed, in those commissions I did make certain bodyparts bigger than usual. :P This was really an accident, as I started out drawing said things pretty big in the first few pictures. I didnt want to go back and rework a finished picture, so to not disadvantage anyone, I kept them equally big throughout all the commissions - thats my story and I'm sticking to it. :P

Now for everyone who still wants a commission:

Working on so many pictures in a relatively short timespan was pretty stressful for me and especially my hands were quite sore after I finished the last picture. So before I'll start drawing anything again, I will take a break.
After that, I still have commissions left, that I really really need to finish, before doing more. Additional to that, some people have already approached me and asked if they could commission me again. So because of that, I will keep a waiting list, which I will post in a seperate journal. But this waiting list will solely be for reference and wont have any open slots. Because I dont want to make my backlog bigger as it already is.

After I have finished all of the remaining commissions - which will most likely take me a few weeks - I will reopen commissions properly or even do another row of Naturama pin-up commissions.

Thats it for now. :)
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Get the rest you need; you earned it. I LOVE the Naturama series! I look forward to commissioning you again some time later. :)
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