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And we're back!

We're now running Harmony version 0.9g Preflight Beta 7.

Please let me know if you see anything odd happening. Mostly the big updates were to do with the Unread Messages and New Submissions screens.

The updates for this version include:

- Unread messages screen has separate tabs for each message type that are nicely styled now.

- You can now go to a nice URL for user pages https://inkbunny.net/user/username (just replace username with any name on the system)

- Better dictionary word checks and other password generation checks are now run when an account is created or when you change your password.

- Finished implementing the HTTPS/SSL encryption for logins and all other places passwords are used. This means you can log into Inkbunny at cons etc where wireless is used and your password is encrypted as it goes over the network, so no one can steal it that way. (Unlike certain other art sites.. *cough*). Notice when you go to any page that asks for your password, the address bar will tell you we have an encryption certificate active on that page. It's also why you sometimes have to type the SITE password again. That annoying side effect goes away when we go LIVE and there is no more site password.

- There is now a NUKE ALL button on New Submissions page.

- Trouble Tickets now have a nicer/finished page style.

- Trouble Tickets now show up as Unread Messages, and they email you when new responses are added by staff.

- Lots of fixes to the background. Mostly you won't notice unless you were having problems before. Older versions of Firefox will have a massive green ground area as you scroll down. This is a temporary speed fix until we write CSS that gets the older versions of FF to support fixed backgrounds better.

- Latest uploads on front page now shows most recent 6 uploads. It was random but that wasn't very useful.

- Added 5.5" x 8.5" print size. But you all already knew that!

- Finished the "buy as anonymous" feature. If you check out, you can now click a link that means the artists won't know who made the purchase and you'll show as "Guest" to them on the receipt, even if you have an IB account. Useful for buying stuff you want to be discreet about.

- Fixed lots of problems with Unread Message counts showing when there were no messages to read, or counts being wrong in other ways.

- You can now upload PNGs as icons.

- You can now upload BIG pictures (up to 3000x3000px) as user icons, but they get shrunk down to user icon size for you.

- Fixed problem with apostrophes showing oddly in some emails.

- Submission Keywords and Block Keywords screens now handle apostrophes in keyword names better.

- Lots of page loading speed improvements. Thanks GreenReaper!

- Sales markups now update when the Sales Settings page is first loaded.

- Processing fees explained a bit better on checkout screen.

- Favorites by your Watched Artists in last 24 Hrs screen now has simpler sorting options and won't show duplicates (unless you're in Sort By Artist mode, where it makes sense to show the same pic multiple times).

- "0 minutes ago" now says "A moment ago" because we thought that was nicer to read.

- Lots of other fixes that are boring admin/server stuff that you don't want to hear about! But trust us it means Inkbunny is now even more awesome than ever before!

Pretty good for just over a week of work eh? Now if only other art sites updated so much so often... :3

Then again, Inkbunny is my job, not my hobby. So we gotta cut other sites some slack as they're mostly run by people trying to get a horrendous admin workload done in their spare time.

I also have a lot of volunteer help from a friend who is helping me with this for the fun of it in his spare time, and pulling nearly fulltime hours every week along side me to get to the Launch day. Invaluable at this stage!

Please keep sending your feedback and ideas!


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Added: 12 years, 3 months ago
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12 years, 3 months ago
Nice job. :) That's a lot of improvements in one update. :o
12 years, 3 months ago
The background is broken for me when I scroll. Twilight version
12 years, 3 months ago
Heyhey. What browser you got? Describe broken? And screenshots plz! :3
12 years, 3 months ago
Firefox 3.6, Windows 7

At first it looks like this

But then I scroll once down and it turns into this

One more scroll and it turns into this

And after that it looks the same all the way down.
12 years, 3 months ago
Aaaaa yeah that's fun. I'll refer it to the dude in charge of that bit of code. XD Thanks for the shots!
12 years, 3 months ago
It should be fixed now. Please check it and let me know!
12 years, 3 months ago
Works alright :3
12 years, 3 months ago
On a second look, it looks like the mountains don't lock anymore and scroll upwards past the visible range.
12 years, 3 months ago
I get it breaking and not rendering any bg images when it transitions from day to dusk to night. So that might be what you see. It seems to come back if I ctrl-F5 which should fully refresh the cache. Let me know if that doesn't work! It's a bug either way so we'll get on to it.
12 years, 3 months ago
I don't know if this is what Arkaid was mentioning, but the background no longer scrolls with the page.  I scroll down and the background becomes an endless sea of green.  It's kind of ugly.

Should be an easy fix, I hope.
12 years, 3 months ago
Yeah yer probably on an older version of Firefox like me. We had to do that as a temporary fix for now to speed things up but it should be back to nice in a week or so.
12 years, 3 months ago
I'm on Firefox 3.5.  Ubuntu hasn't put 3.6 in their repositories for Karmic. :(

So it isn't that old.

I know the background is pretty and everything, but why do the clouds need to move?  Surely that's eating into the browser performance?  I'd rather have stationary clouds and a background that scrolls with me than moving clouds and a stationary background.

Though if you think you can get optimal performance and all the pretty background bling, then go ahead.  I don't know what all you're doing to make the fancy effects.  I'm guessing you can't use that one body tag attribute that locks the background and causes the page to scroll over it, much like this site's background used to do.
12 years, 3 months ago
Yeah we're both stuck with it until Ubuntu accepts the updated version. ;.;

3.5 has a huge bug with backgrounds in certain modes. They only fixed the issue in 3.6 so we gotta find another solution to make 3.5 pretty again. The reason for all the BG headaches is that we're trying to get a parallax scroll 3d mode working. You'll be able to turn it on or off and there won't be the endless green ground after we add that fix.
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