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opinions on Chrysalis the changeling queen

been scrolling about for the last few hours checking out all the new art out there and the one catching my eye the most is Chrysalis, a bad ass villain and pretty damn adorable in a wicked way. but thats not really what i was wondering. you see as i was looking thru the art a picture of her came up as a filly and one of the comments was by an anon saying,
"When I grow up, I'm gonna save my starvin' people. I'm going to find a place with so much love that my people will never be hungry again. That's my dream."
I was stopped by that comment and felt so bad for her and it made me think really hard about her. we all watched the show saw her fight our princess and favorite pony's and found it great how she got taught a lesson, but when you think about it from her point of view... what do you do being the ruler of a kingdom and everyone is starving to death? do you sit back and let them all die and do nothing or do you do what ever it takes to save their lives? I keep seeing her in her chambers in the dark crying quietly to herself as she looks at her subjects laying around hungry looking to her for help.

when i think of it i am reminded how everyone saw trixie as evil till they thought about why she behaved as she did.

so i ask you all. do you see Chrysalis as this evil queen or a queen desperately trying to save her people from extinction? I think my opinion is pretty clear here.

if I can get a decent approach at drawing her I think i will. that or get a commission of her and her subjects. I can not get the idea of her crying in the dark with her subjects starving away out of my head.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
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