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Back from the doo dah

And I am still freaking tired and sore. ^^;  My legs are mostly killing me though from all of the suiting though.  But I still had a great time like last year. ^^

We got there at a good time this year, in part because of missing most of the traffic and not having to dick around in Philly because of someone.  But we got there around 7 or so if I'm remembering right and got to relax for a shot bit before going out to the diner for dinner.  Once we got to the diner they were just getting ready to order their food and there actually wern't all that many people there this time.  So I at least didn't end up having a small panic attack because of it. ^^;  Then once we got back and convinced enough people we ended up going out to the boardwalk for a short bit and took a few photos.

The next day it was mostly everyone trying to get themselves up and ready for the parade to start at noon.  Though for whatever reason a lot of people were hell bent on getting lined up at 10 like they were saying we were supposed to do.  But there was no way I was about to do that since it was fairly warm out and the parade was always going to be long as it is.  So we ended up heading out and getting there around 11:15 or so.  The parade itself was really fun again though.  Even if it was still long as hell and made the parade and the photo at AC look like a piece of cake. ^^;  The only problem is we did have a few people that needed to step out of it towards the end because of them getting too warm so they didn't pass out.  Though after that me, Otto and Wonders one friend Nathan went down to the ocean and jumped in for a little bit.  It was fairly cold, but it felt so good after that parade.  I even ended up just laying down in it for a good while because I didn't want to get out. ^^;

Though after resting a bit again we went out and suited for a short bit.  Me and Otto even went to one of the arcades and messed around a little bit.  Once we were finished with that several of us headed over to Harrahs and went to their buffet there.  Which for everyone but me and Wonder it was their first times going.  So they were a bit overwhelmed by it.  Even so I know we all pigged out on everything.

As for yesterday it was mostly just a do whatever you wanted day.  I woke up early and went down to the beach to take some photos.  The only problem I ran into was the fact that it was really overcast so I didn't get get to take any nice sunrise photos.  Though later on before we have to take off a few of us went and suited a bit again.  ^^  Though there was once casualty during the whole thing.  One of the straps on my sandals came off from the actual bottom part.  So I'll have to try just gluing it back on at some point here.  Which I figured that shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Though once I got home I realized that after some asshole really tugged on my tail it ripped slightly right under it. x.x  So I'll have to work on trying to sew it up at some point before it gets any worse.  

The main downside to that was the fact that when we were leaving the boardwalk a bike cop stopped us and started being a dick with us.  When started getting on my nerves is he wouldn't give us a straight answer as to what was going on.  He just asked for some of our ids, what we were doing, how old we were and crap like that.  In the end we found out one of the store owners had apparently called the cops on us because he thought he saw us do something inappropriate.  Basically just them being a general dick to cause problems.

But in the end I it was still a good trip and event.  I still love doing things like this a lot more compared to the big cons or whatever.  Because there's just so many people that go to them and they're always so much of a hassle.  Either way though I'll be going to this again next year.
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