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It would seem, people are actually starting to use this, besides me. It quite simply means, an attraction toward underage animal cubs. It is a safe attraction, since that (Fiction) can not enter our world.
I actually toyed with this one too, but no one has actually used it.
I like both, because it stands for (Cub Porn) in many ways, wrapped into a single word.
The word is *NOT* to be mixed up with the word (Pedophile)
(Cubophile) stands for an attraction to something which never breathed a breath in it's life. It is exclusively meaning underage cub, and means nothing else. (Cubophile or Cubophilia) is not gender selective.
It also, history wise, came from the Fur Fandom, and pretty much didn't exist, until (FievelJ) thought up a single word to call (Cub Porn) artists, and fans.
A (Cubophile or Cubophilia), doesn't have to be with an adult to cub aspect. This can also be boy on boy. girl on girl. boy and girl. boy, boy, and girl. it pretty much can be mixed up in many ways, as the artist mixes it the way they are comfortable with.
This does not mean that we are Pedophiles. This does not mean, that we would have sex with a child.
The creator of these words has some certain things inside of him, which he's not always proud of... but this does *not* follow, that he'll go and abuse a real child.
Instead of (Child Porn) or abusing a real child, I look for other outlets entirely.


I have pawed off to that Charmander.
I'd gladly take the position of the human there, even though Charizard looks like a pain.
If I get the Charmander, I's still go for it... and in a Fantasy World, I Wouldn't Have Any Kind Of E.D. Problems. It's fantasy, so I can do anything.

I do not believe that they truly did outlaw (Cub Porn.)
It's problem is, what I mentioned here. It's sketchy of whether or not Yaoi, Shota or Lolicon are even illegal, since that they too are fictional.  

However... it is even more difficult to outlaw animal cubs... as there's a lot less chance of it being drawn from real life. It's also sketchy as to whether (Bart Simpson) or (Stewie Griffin) art should be illegal too, as those are more obvious, were drawn from Fantasy.
Why use Stewie as an example? I myself done a trace over of Stewie, taken from the episode, where Stewie becomes a Diaper model for Calvin Klein. I made it appear like he came on his right hand.

Cub Porn VS Real life type art... examples, is why i mentioned some of that.
Cub Porn, like... like drawing Mickey Mouse as an underage cub. (That's Cub Porn.)

Cub Porn is separate in many many ways, as the primary way is, they can never interact with us.
It is my safest vent, as there's lots of it. I am not poor when making my own, if I just take my time.
hey, i used to have to do a lot of trace overs, just to do a decent job.


it's funny, but one of my old Raving Raichu one's wasn't actually a trace-over.

Shapes in PhotoShop CS5... Mostly.

Started 100% traditional on cheap printer paper. I still haven't fixed it I see. (Can)
The word (Can) is missing. "Yikes FievelJ, (Can) A Dog Poop In Peace?"

Shapes and Warp.

Shapes and Warp.

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=174894  https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=174289
Shapes and Warp. And then more warp, as I added Animation.
I also had to do eyelids, as warp, won't place that into it. Opening and closing his mouth, also had to be added.

Shapes and Warp.

Shapes and Warp. In my honest opinion, this is still one of the best I have ever done.

Oops... the word was cant. hm. seems almost better though, I finally get to it, to drop out the (t).
can a dog poop in peace, almost does sound better.
Rule 34... hardly know any of those, but I know that one, cause I done so in art.

Gibbles is mine to start with, so anything I would do with him, there's no real rules on.
I wanna one of these days get (Build A Bear.) too make me a bear, that way, it'll be easier to draw my own bear from different perspectives. He was an accident to start with really.

rule 34 plus poop. shapes and warp.
Shapes and Warp.
Traditional drawing, plus digital add ons, making him walk.
Traditional mixed with shapes. Gawds, I can't believe I traced over my own lines with a mouse.
Pretty much, the first four on this page. https://inkbunny.net/submissionsviewall.php?&rid=e8...
and then of course, the Gibbles is also mine. As a matter a fact, the first six on the top are mine, with no tracing. Fievel and Pichu are warped shapes.

as a matter a fact, lately, I do (0) trace overs, unless expressively noted well!! https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=221055
If you missed the Perjury part, there is something the matter with you.

Anywho... I got myself somewhat lost away from the subject... or right on, depending how you look at it.
Most the art presented, is all done in Cub Porn style.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
I would have the sex you're denying...IF IT WAS LEGAL within reason! I. e., no penetration, no coercion, probably what sexes are involved with each other, etc. And incest would remain illegal. There's a whole lot of various alternatives to a strict AoC on everything and everybody as it currently is, whereas AoC advocates keep acting like there can be either all or nothing, black or white, victory or the end of the world.
6 years, 10 months ago
actually i have grown a liking to the idea of sex with animal creatures, which can talk with me. depending on on certain circumstances, i see little problem with sex between 9 and 16. personally i just feel they should grow a bit more yet.
and quite frankly, lastly, i would usually rather a plushie. TMI, Like this morning with the bear, not more then 20 minutes ago.
6 years, 10 months ago
I have been using that term too, since I found it in your keywords, to describe my OC and fictional boyfriend Liontari.
6 years, 10 months ago
i seem to like it. it seems a well defined word which means an attraction both Underage, and Fictional.
though i am not completely against some sexual play with minors, it's not something which is really for me... for my own reasons.
besides, i would rather just yiff a plush. like i tmi this morning, with a white bear. ;-)  :-)
but as for cubs.  :D :D I love the above mentioned.

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