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So much to do

I thought I would make a post to let my few actual readers watching me that I am still writing. As some know, I am very busy these months with an additional temp job and hosting the ever popular Bad Movie Friday on a weekly basis. So I am going to give you a list of my ideas and plans for projects to work on.

-first, as some of you know, can be summed up into one(two?) words. Otterbees.
 If you do not know what that is, you will find out eventually. It is something I came up with from lack of sleep and watching Ishoka play StarWars.I have now become obsessed with these little fellows and has become a big Project that I hope to finish soon but there is more. I am making this a digital book including pictures and drawings. I already have WIP from both Ishoka and Mizzyam(which is looking phenomenal)and have plans to ask some other great and well known and loved artists to help out when i am done writing. I am debating whether or not to charge for it or not. What you think? I am also looking for a person who is good with photoshop for this. PM me if interested.

-Frankie will return! I have too many plans and ideas for our favorite babysitter. I haven't even gotten to him with the otter triplets yet! Other plans include: a romp in babysitting Scotty and Bri Kat, Going to a nudist camp and running into one of his past clients, a visit from a cousin, a personal account of a day in the park, and maybe even some more dramatic scenarios if I get far enough along with it.

- PineOak Park. This started out as a Role Play awhile back and I just want to do more with these characters. It involves feral animals living in a public national park and centered mostly around a vixen who likes to just get drunk and a squirrel who practices being a full fledged carnivore.

-Un-named Fantasy series. I had planned to have started this last year. It is inspired heavily on my days of playing Dungeons and Dragons but am thinking of making more unique and try to make it my own world and characters. It revolves around two ladies of the night that are trying to save the deity that they both worship and the adventures that follow their quest and adventures in doing so.

-Mizzyam fanfiction! I have some ideas involving his many characters like: Maxy in a daycare....nuff said, Mitch and Melissa's Birthday and both decide to have a boil for their party, and of course the huge story involving numerous characters and cameos with a field trip to a museum and forced to stay at a hotel that night.

-un-named Lovecraftian horror stories. I will be honest, these might actually be non furry and actually written for possible publishing of some kind. Not sure yet. One was a story involving on a journalist venture to a dead harbor town and a secluded village and the disappearance of the previous journalist to go there. yeah, its Innsmouth inspired and working to make it more unique. The other deals with a person who has amnesia and is tortured to live with horrifying hallucinations and learns to live with it and faking that he is sane so to discover what caused his mental illness.

There are numerous other ideas for shorts and such that may or may not come into reality. But the above is stories I really want to write, if just to get it out of my head and make room for new and better ones.  XD

Let me know if any of these interest you or if there was something I said I was doing and had apparently forgotten.

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Mmm, Maxy in a darecare.... *droooolz*
7 years ago
Being a writer, myself, I know what you mean-- It's why I +watch you. :)

As for your ideas, I'll just say: Go for it! :)

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