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A Warm Hello!

I just realized I hadn't posted journals on here yet, my sincere apologies!!
But hello and welcome! I might be more active on FA but I don't wanna be neglectful of other accounts at all! I'm also STILL getting used to not lurking anymore, I've been a lurker in the furry community nearly my whole life lol I'm a bit shy.

I'm unsure what the etiquette is on this site in comparison to others, so I wasn't sure if I thank faves or watches as comments/shouts. But I do want to say I genuinely see every single one and I'm beyond grateful for it. This is an (anonymous) NSFW side account so seeing people loving my work inspires me!

I never gave an intro on here, so allow me!---  Feel free to just call me Wolfgrease on here, or either word in there for short! For people interested in knowing this sort of thing, not too big into divulging shit but I guess its what people online do and it is pride month- I'm a near fully transitioned FtM gay deathrocker in his mid to late 20s. I don't really like flinging identity stuff anywhere, except the deathrocker bit lmao, but I know some people find more comfort in knowing that sort of thing. Especially come time I may or may not post some "harder" stuff. I have a few fursonas, primarily a werewolf but also got a fancy chicken and a bully mix. I'd like to post them sometime, but like I said NSFW is a secret side project of mine, so we'll see!  I also happen to be heavily into the occult, I'm interested in exploring that in porn but we'll see where that goes.

I prefer drawing zany, niche sorts of things and I really dig thick outlines and garish colours and screentones.

I'm primarily focusing on drawing stuff I'm surprised doesn't exist already or things I feel there should be more of! However since this is a side account and I'm balancing a job and my main unfortunately I don't have as much time as I wish I did. To make up for it I'm gonna start posting sketches and the like, so its not quite so much downtime.

 Long overdue, but again a big hello and an even bigger thank you for following me on here and enjoying my work! I hop I continue to please!

Stay greasy! x
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