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The Idiocy behind Game of Thrones tv-series (books fan here)

I waited few days, mostly to let people get bored of the tons of you tubers hunting for views and gaining it talking about the “show”.
I would like to spend some words, starting from the significant point that I am primarily a fan of “Chronicles of Ice and Fire”: the original books series that led to the Game of Thrones tv-series, and whose differences grew significantly since last seasons.

Unsurprisingly at the question, “You enjoyed the ending of the show”? Why answer is “Game of Thrones started sucking since it diverged from the books”.
Keeping in mind this essential points, I strongly advise people to read the books because THAT is the full experience of knowing this world, learning about it and loving it.

I would like also to comment few points of the ending of the show: stressing the absurdity of it and the striking differences with the books
(SPOILER ALERT both for tv-show: no spoilers for books, except fan-theories):


1))))  The American impossibility to understand a revolutionary: Daenerys.
The most shocking “surprise” of the Show it’s the butchering of the character of Daenerys.
I read some laughable comments stating “but she has ever been mad”, “but she did nasty things before”.
These pointless comments for a world like Chronicles of Ice and Fire (where every side make brutality in war, and the story of incest is something very complex: with a war fought to LEGITIMIZE the concept of Targaryen doing it), are just a typical show of the American political standard idea that “A socialist revolutionary inevitably turns a madman”: that’s basically how they described Dany.
And obviously this clash strongly with the books: interestingly, the people’s liberations choices of Dany are indeed turning a FAILURE in the books also, but for other reasons.
She acts in good faith and correctly raising the people of Slaver’s Bay but the currently ongoing war ((Currently the Book Series stopped at the Siege of Mereen where the battle is described much more in details)) show how a medieval society without experiencing the growth of a middle-class bourgeois CANNOT adapt in one step from “slavery society” to “People’s society” society as she attempt to do in books (at some point installing a popular council in a city: that inevitably suffer a downfall). This is connected with the show “ending” political discussion: in a way something expected also in books, because a concept of bourgeois-based maritime republics (the “Free Cities” of Essos, especially Braavos) already exists!

Btw, every intelligent Marxist should also know that in such situation, he/she should give support to these cities rather than supporting the honest but ultimately doomed to fail Dany’s political actions.
Obviously it was too complicated to explain in the show so “let’s just turn them mad” and solve the issue.

2)))) Fan-service about Jon Snow. The show-series itself turned into a massive fan-service with little to no sense.
The whole “Jon and Dany” love story it’s absolutely groundless in books: and if you think a minute, it was also useless in the Show, because Jon could have acted in this way even without “falling in love” with her! I must say that there are other things absolutely usless for Jon Snow.
((I should stress that in books, Jon Snow just got stabbed in the Wall: we don’t know if he’s really going to die, if it was just a bad wounds or if he will be resurrected, but that’s very likely)).
There is no way in the books he could be named “King of the North”: he is a bastard, and NO lord (neither angry little girls) would ever recognize him in such role.
Obviously you also must take in account that actually Jon Snow is a MERGED character between the real Jon Snow and “Young Griff”.
An interesting point of real nature of Jon Snow can be seen with the tv-show “Revelations” that he’s of Targaryen. What was the purpose of it?
NOTHING of course! (In the show)
But also in the books! Knowing that he has Targaryen blood MAY only mean he can connect and ride a dragon, but obviously NONE is going to recognize a bastard Targaryen as king. In the show they “attempted” to introduce the possibility spreading bullshits over “documents about a new marriage”, obviously ignoring the fact that scratching a marriage and getting a second one it’s impossible in the world of Westeros.

3)))) Other idiotic fan-service.
Arya of course. And the whole scrapping of the real themes of prophecies: from Azor Ahai, to the character of Bran turned into a brainless Amoeba (while in books he’s fairly interesting). And Arya turned into the manga-like character to make all girls turns “oooh she’s a strong femminist!” meaningless character.
These are the two most serious insults to Chronicles of Ice and Fire, but I Could also adds the bad handling of Jaime (whose character development ends in toilet) and Brienne (just having sex with Jaime for making fans happy): but at LEAST both of them received a proper ending (especially Brienne).
OBVIOUSLY the correct ending was another one: Jaime (clearly in books, and also in show) was supposed to ultimately KILL Cersei (the Valonquar prophecy) but again eh “fanservice”.
That would have been perfect to fulfill the other prophecy, keeping in mind as extra fact that Jaime (in books) is far less emotional over their kids, while Cersei is far more crazy/hysterical and less good at playing the Game of Thrones.

4)))) Tons of missed opportunities.
I should refrain because many of them are highly spoiler for the books. But there are a number of MINOR elements that could have perfectly fitted with the tv-show.
Nymeria and her pack of wolves: they are even introduced in a scene with Arya stating “She’s not her” (!?!?!?! What the fuck???? How many giant wolves do you think are running around in the Riverlands?!). For some reason, they tossed away the opportunity to adds a big moment for Arya (asking help from the wolves to attack en-masse and kill Drogon) that could have fit the Arya-superhero scenario, while they tossed an even more idiotic “Arya sail away to discover America!” ending.  
Of course there are TONS of other minor characters they could have exploited (and disposed of quickly), including at least 2 incredibly cool-looking minor Lannister characters, a Velaryon character, ATTEMPTS to make Euron Greyjoy a bit more like in the books (a stunning threatening and mysterious character: the show again MERGED 2 characters in 1), give some attempts to handle the Dorne’s arch, but eh … they had already enough fanservice to work with.
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Added: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
1 month, 2 weeks ago
The terrible direction the show took makes want to read the books.
1 month, 2 weeks ago
I strongly suggest you to do so. But this is something i told people to do on private since last 2 seasons.
I tried to avoid big spoilers in text, but the story-events in books so far stopped at Jon being stabbed (and we don't know exactly the outcome), Daenerys flying away with Drogon after the arena pit events in Mereen, Tyrion have yet to meet Daenerys, Stannis is still alive, some other "minor" characters are still alive and well and very active.
80-90% of the tv-show events are very different from Martin's style and i could count on the fingers of one hand events that i expect to appears in the same way in the books.

Significantly, the books feature a stronger emphasis in classic strategic warfare (armies, numbers, sieges, tactics),  a quite biggest amount of mystery concerning supernatural/magic stuff (with LOTS more unexplained and lots more hinted about, including a potential "third faction" in the realm of supernatural and fantasy).

I should also stress the huge difference of some arch-stories (Dorne: in the books it feature extra important characters) or villains (Euron Greyjoy is far more threatening and mysterious, the Bolton are also different in some ways).

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