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Still exist (plus, Trintellix is rad--for me, at least LOL)


It's been almost a year and a half since Mom's passing, which was the last time I did anything on this site, I believe.  There's been a lot of ups and downs but in case my absence was noted anyone in the world of furries or erotic art or whatever community this is I semi-belong to as mostly a lurker (and, I suppose, a "reply guy?"--hope I'm not an obnoxious one), I'm still alive and just living the boring life.

Perhaps "boring" is a needed respite these days.

I went through a pretty harrowing time the past few years.  I'd always been caring for my mother, who had mobility issues, but then she was diagnosed with end-game cancer and it became a much more important and overpowering part of my life.  My cat died during this time, and then my mother, and then my pup.  She was my last confidant and bestie in the world, and while it obviously was nowhere near as cataclysmic as the passing of my mother, it was still like a final blow.

But I'm adjusting!  I've finally moved out of the palatial (and empty) apartment I shared with Mom and am starting to physically take care of myself again--which has been pushed to the forefront because an inguinal hernia to which I was blind became much worse a few months back.  They're waiting on me to be able to afford the copay to get the required surgery, but I'll get there eventually.

I think I owe all of this to Trintellix.  I've been famously loath to take antidepressants, but seriously, I needed a change or else I believe I would be dead by now.  When I saw the doctor for the hernia, they basically took a look at me and asked me a few questions out of the blue about my extreme lack of care.  I suppose they immediately could see I was in a very extreme depression and naturally prescribed it to me!  It's eye-opening to go in for one thing and they blindside you with a diagnosis of something when you weren't complaining of it.

Anyway, I suppose what I wanted to say by sharing my story is that if anyone is ever suffering from mental disorders such as depression, there is help available.  It is serious.  It is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of.  Please speak to people and find a way that will work for you.

Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things online, too!  I've likely missed a lot of great art!

P.S.  I've also just learned of the passing of an iconic anthro fan and fursuiter who was one of my personal friends, even if just through texting and chatting.  He passed when I was dealing with my strife and I think the world is a little darker without him.  R.I.P.
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