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Testing the waters once more

It's been quite some time since my last upload, and in that time I have had a chance to grow and for my day to day life to change. For one thing I've moved on from GW2 back to WoW and rejoined my old guild, finding that I seem to have a knack for the Holy Priest playstyle. A few years ago I picked up RPing again and joined a site called Origin where I've had a chance to create and flesh out new characters and get the old writing muse flowing again. I've started going to cons again, or at least MFM every year- an activity which further increases my muse.

I've been lurking here pretty consistently, but until this past con haven't really considered becoming active again. My artwork had gotten to a point where I was relatively satisfied but not good enough that I felt like sharing it. This past con changed that as I observed a number of highly talented people and their workflow, realizing that if I put my mind to it over the next year I could probably get to a skill level where I could create a bade for myself and wear it with pride. I may not be practicing as consistently as when I first started drawing but I am doing better than I had been before.

Another major change is that I am taking steps to become more comfortable with myself, to try to be okay with some of the oddities I had previously desired to keep hidden behind one of my masks even from myself. On a logical level I know that my tastes are not nearly as odd as my emotions make them out to be, but it still takes time to undo years of self-imposed programming.

As a part of this my fursona is in the process of changing form once more- relatively minor in appearance- from a silver fox to a three tailed kitsune- but representing a shift in how I allow myself to be seen. The change also allows some more artistic flexibility as some of the specifics of the change make way for interesting scenarios.

For now I'll try to take it slow and not stress myself about any upload schedule. For me, it seems, perfection leads to procrastination leads to paralysis.
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