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The Scent of Prey
Part Three: The Thunder Calls
by peppygrowlithe

The tree split diagonally with a deafening crack. Splinters of wood scattered as it teetered, lurched, and finally toppled. Volibear pulled back his fist, watching with a triumphant snarl as the tree fell beside him and smashed the wet earth with a great plod and a shuck.
His smirk faded. He gained little pleasure from toppling the pine, and was left the dull thrum of pain in his knuckles. He watched with passive interest as the spiky, uneven trunk of the tree began to grow upward before his very eyes, tendrils of weaving bark regenerating the plant to fullness in mere seconds.
Still more  time than it took me to knock it down, Volibear thought with a snort. Out here on Summoner's Rift, the laws of death and injury held no domain. Even now, hours after the previous game, Volibear suspected that the dismemberment of any creature -- himself included -- would not be permanent. The magics held strong even between battles.
Volibear shook his head as, unbidden, the details from the last match flooded into his head. He had caused another loss, one more addition to a long and ever-growing streak of disappointing defeats. He snorted and sighed as he padded through the undergrowth. He did not shy from the truth, though it pained him to reflect upon it. He was unfocused and sluggish, paying little attention to the world around him. He was caught out of position several times and wandered foolishly into obvious ambushes. He passed up easy initiations, yet ran headstrong into encounters he had no chance of winning. He played less like a champion and more like a cub.
After the match was concluded, the reactions of his teammates proved predictable. He had anticipated them long before the defeat had come. Brand shrieked bloody murder at the bear in the aftermath, backed by Ezreal's whining criticisms. The Starchild Soraka offered encouragement and kind-hearted compliments to diffuse the situation, placing no blame upon any one ally. Finally, and not for the first time this season, Sejuani defended Volibear's actions. As an fellow Freljordian and ally to the Ursine, she chalked Volibear's lacking performance up as the result of stress due to recent peace accords and growing tension between the vying queens of their frozen homeland.
Volibear stepped into the stream dividing Summoner's Rift in two. He rubbed his cheek. He thought he should be grateful for Sejuani's support -- and he was, when it came down to it -- but her conclusions were off. The peace summits were not taxing for Volibear. He was as wise as he was powerful, and though gruff and intimidating, he judged fairly and with a certain intrinsic charisma. No, he was not stressed over the fate of the Freljord, for he knew that no matter the fate of Runeterra, the Ursine would live on.
No, he thought, swiping at and cleaving off a stray patch of tall grass that dared get in his way. No, there is but one weight upon my mind, so heavy that I do not know if even I can lift it.
The Pridestalker...
Volibear growled, stomping along into the northern jungle. The Pridestalker had taunted him all last match. Ever grinning, always watching, the great white-furred lion lured him, tricked him, goaded him. Victory became a distant secondary goal to tearing Rengar apart, a feat Volibear would not once manage.
The shame was almost too much to endure. He squeezed his eyes shut as he approached a strip of tall weeds and shook his head. The Pridestalker corrupted his thoughts, pervaded his every action. He could not shake the beast from his mind. His insides churned with anger, disgust, hatred, fear, indignation, and other emotions he had no words for. He hated what the thought of the creature did to him, how it encompassed his mind, made his pulse quicken, made his fur-covered body grow hot with rage...
Volibear shook his head, angrily blinking his eyes open. Forget him, he chided himself, not for the first time. Such a scrawny fool of a predator is no true match for-
He saw it less than a second before he stepped on it. A rope, well-hidden beneath mud and grass, stretched the length of a chokepoint between two patches of thick foliage, the only way back into lane. Volibear nearly tripped over himself as he jerked his body weight to the side, the claw of his big toe missing the rope by less than an inch as he stumbled aside. It did not look graceful, but he avoided tripping the trap.
Volibear stared at it, and he felt his blood grow hot. His mighty paws cracked into fists as he lifted his chin and roared to the heavens.
"Pridestalker! Show yourself, or cower as I cleave this Rift to the very ground!"
Nothing came. Volibear stood his ground, massive legs bent at the knee, paws open-palmed with fingers bent, prepared to rend the first creature he saw. His glowing blue eyes scoured the area, and his black-furred ears twitched and craned, hearing past the gentle breeze and toward any sounds out of place.
The tiniest shluck of foot upon mud did not go unnoticed. Volibear whirled toward the origin of the noise, expecting to see only the quickest glimpse of white. What he saw was the Pridestalker rise from the underbrush, unclothed saved for the glowing yellow monocle covering his eye, a pair of bolas on his waist, and the long metal talon stretching out from his left paw. He moved with the careless grace of a feline, expression placid as he stepped out into the grass.
"And here I was, thinking I couldn't teach you a thing. You avoided my trap. I can't tell if I'm proud."
Volibear snarled, eyes blazing with fury. "Pridestalker."
Rengar looked up dismissively, checking the canopy overhead. He lazily moved his left paw in and scratched his naked groin. "Did you expect me? Hm, no, I suppose not." His gaze lowered as he looked over the battle-ready Ursine. "You'd be wearing less if you did."
"Pridestalker," Volibear spat between grit teeth, flecks of froth collecting at his fangs. He shook his head around, his Thunder Lord's helmet gleaming in the sunlight. "You have humiliated me for the last time. On my honor, I will endure no further torment."
"On your honor," Rengar responded plainly, giving the bear a bored look. Even as Volibear scraped the ground with his foot like a mad bull ready to charge, the lion remained aloof, loose, slack. "What good does your honor beget you, bear? It belongs to me now. You belong to me, and you will endure whatever I see fit to give you."
Volibear waited no longer. He sprang forward, leaping onto his hands as he rushed the lion at full speed. Rengar waited, hip slightly cocked, until the bear was mere feet from his person. His tail flickered as he lunged, leaping forward at the last possible instant. He grabbed the side of the bear's golden helmet as he leapt over him, holding the headpiece as the bear charged beneath him. Rengar twisted his body and came thumping down from behind, clinging to the massive Ursine's back as Volibear came to rise to full height. Rengar jerked and pulled and got the bear's helm loose just in time to take an elbow to the ribs. He toppled backward onto his rump, helmet flying as he landed in an unsteady crouch.
Before he had fully turned around, Volibear was already lunging. His feet left the ground as he put the full weight of his bulk into a body slam, coming down hard on the supine lion. The Pridestalker grunted as the huge beast bore down upon him. He slammed onto his back and snorted with pain as he was for one brief instant sandwiched between the bear and the cold wet ground. He acted before it was too late. Using Volibear's momentum against him, Rengar hoisted his knees up against Volibear's upper thighs and pushed with his whole body, sending the Ursine into a roll over him before he could ever fully come to rest on the smaller Champion.
Volibear's face nearly hit the mud, and Rengar was on the Ursine's back a second later. His talon slashed at the bindings keeping the armor of the Thunder Lord intact. Volibear pushed his hands into the ground and lifted his chest, and Rengar immediately leapt off. He danced away a few steps as he let the Ursine get back up to his feet.
Panting for breath through grit teeth, Volibear narrowed his eyes at the Pridestalker. "I will see you beaten and crippled, Pridestalker. I will tear you to shreds and let your blood nourish this land."
"Must we play this game every time, bear?" Rengar gave the impression of rolling his good, pupilless eye. "It always ends the same. I get what I want, and you roll around like a neutered cub, unsure of what it is you want. Kneel and take your place as my prey, bear, and we'll both have a better time of this."
"I will never!" Volibear roared. He gripped his teetering, loose armor and slung it from his chest, taking with it the thick pauldrons that covered his shoulderpads. The metallic gear clattered and splashed in the wet ground. Standing tall and menacing, arms bent and claws brandished, he began to approach Rengar at a slow pace, his heavy feet stomping the grass with every step.
Rengar tilted his head one way, than the other, regarding the bear's form -- now naked down to the waist. "You've put on some weight, bear," he remarked as Volibear stepped into melee range. He ducked a swipe from the Ursine and jumped back, narrowly dodging a chomp to his midsection.
"Fat, lazy bear, gorging on honey and berries. Is that it?" Rengar snickered. He ducked forward as Volibear overextended his swipe. As he moved past him, his claw caught on one of the leather straps keeping Volibear's leggings up. He moved his head aside to evade the elbow as the Ursine chieftain pulled his arm back, then twisted his body to avoid a backwards kick to the gut. As Volibear started to turn, Rengar timed another slash to cut off the strap on his opposite side.
"Sniveling cur!" Volibear roared, stepping as he turned to swipe at the lion's chest. "Your death comes by my hand!" Rengar made no motion to evade, and bloodlust overcame the Ursine. He leaned, extending once more, certain that he would be able to sink his claws into the lion's very chest, cleave through the ribs and pull his beating heart out, when --
Rengar laughed, and an instant later, Volibear knew why. His leggings -- their bindings freshly severed -- had started to fall down his body. They tangled around his knees and caused him to trip as he lunged forward. With a panicked roar, the Ursine went tumbling to the ground, arms still swiping in Rengar's direction to try to take him down with him.
It didn't work, as Rengar took the smallest step backwards out of the toppling bear's range. Volibear fell flat on his chest, naked from the knees up, and Rengar pressed the advantage. Whipping his bolas out, Rengar snaked a rope around one of the Ursine's wrists, tugged him until the bear winced from the pain, then tied it around the other against his lower back.  The whole process took less than two seconds, with Volibear thrashing and squirming the whole time.
"No!" the mighty Ursine roared, blue eyes widening as his rage gave way to panic. He lifted his head out of the mud and tried, unsuccessfully, to roll over onto his back. "No! Pridestalker, no! Not again! I beseech you!"
Rengar sighed. He sat down upon Volibear's back, his inner thighs stradling the sides of the bear's stomach. Shaking his head with disappointment, he began to pet the back of the bear's head, stroking his dark mane. "It always ends the same. Whenever will you learn?"
He patted the bear's head one more time, then got up to his feet. He stepped around his quarry, watching him with interest. He knelt beside the bound bear, gripped him by the leggings, and began to coax them down his legs. The bear's knees dug into the mud as he wriggled and squirmed in protest, and the moment one of his legs was free, he went for an awkwardly-angled backwards kick that narrowly missed Rengar's arm.
The Pridestalker growled. He reached out and grabbed the offending foot tight in both hands, keeping the bear's knee in the ground. He kept it still as he scraped the metal talons of his right hand across the sole, coming to rest just before his big toe.
"You tried to kick me," Rengar grumbled. Volibear stiffened, feeling the sharp prick of metal at the base of his toes. "You have already lost, bear. Show some grace in defeat. Show some pride."
"I will nev--"
"You will," Rengar interrupted. "Normally I would bind your legs, but I want you to learn, bear. So." Slow as he could, he scraped the tip of his talon along the bases of the bear's toes. "I'll keep you free below the waist. If you are a docile as prey should be, you will not abuse this priviledge. If you insist upon defying me, however..."
Volibear grimaced, feeling the sharp pressure at the base of his pinky toe increase. Though he knew even the most grotesque dismemberment was only temporary during a League match, he did not know for certain if the same magics were active. He snarled and grunted as he felt the tip of the talon dig into the furs between his tough pawpads. He held on as long as he could until, at last, he snapped, "Stop!"
Rengar stirred on the Ursine's back. "You'll have to be more specific than that, bear."
Volibear sighed. He went still, putting his chin back down into the muck. "Do not... sever it. I will be..."
Rengar's maw curled into a smile. "Obedient?" When Volibear said nothing, Rengar opened his thighs only to smash his knees into the bigger champion's side, eliciting a surprised gasp from the prone beast. "I want to hear you say it."
Volibear ground his teeth, eyes furious with humiliation. He stirred a little more as the indignation rose within him, and it took every ounce of restraint he had to keep from attempting to kick the lion again. Rengar was patient as Volibear seethed, trembling with rage as he finally whispered, "I will... not disobey."
"There's a good bear," Rengar murmured. He carefully swapped hands, the talon-clad fist lowering to grasp the Ursine by his ankle as his own paw rose to rest upon the chieftain's sole. He began to brush the tips of his claws along the bear's smooth black pawpads, stroking him just enough to be felt but not enough to harm. The lion sighed, looking out over the jungle of the Rift.
"All of this is so familiar. Like old times." He curled his fingers into a fist and mashed his knuckles against the bear's midfoot, massaging him roughly. "Out here in the jungle of the Rift. You and me, fresh from a fight. You, bound and helpless beneath me. Just like the first time." His paw rolled up to just below the bear's toes. Volibear let out a grunt as Rengar rubbed into the smaller pawpad near his toes, and another, louder one as the lion repeated the process.
"Perhaps that's for the best. Stubborn creatures like you are so resistant to change." Rengar snickered quietly. His good eye went narrow as he started to slip his fingers between each of the Ursine's toes. They wriggled and flexed in his hand, and Volibear could not help but jerk his leg and give off a soft groan. "Serves me just fine. You'll be more comfortable this way." Rengar grinned, digging in deeper. He leaned in closer, taking a good, long sniff of the bear's foot, scent musky and distinct.
"Pridestalker... I do not... want this..."
"So you love to say." Rengar sighed, giving Volibear's toes a break as he stroked down the sole and started digging into his heel. "You may think me cruel, bear, and while that's not untrue, I admit to having a certain... hmm... it's not affection. Attachment, perhaps." When Volibear did not reply, Rengar shrugged, pushing his fingers into the bear's heel until the Freljordian could not resist a long, deeply relieved sigh.
"You said you will not disobey me, bear, and I hold you to that expectation. So when I tell you to enjoy this, I expect you to do exactly that." Both of the Pridestalker's paws slid back up Volibear's foot, gripping it between them, thumbs pressed tight into the sole. "To accept your fate as prey to a predator. To surrender your pride to me." The lion's sheath twitced and swelled as his dark malehood peeked out from the fur. "To give yourself over as my possession, to do with it as I please. Your mind, your body, and yes..." His right paw slide up the side of the bear's foot, and the claw from his thumb poked each of the Ursine's toes in turn. "This as well."
Volibear fought to keep himself as still as possible, but he writhed and rumbled beneath the lion even so. His suppressed rage could not be extinguished, but it was more than that. His sore paw twitched under Rengar's attention. Sometimes his toes splayed out, pulling his sole taut, and he could feel the lion digging deeper into his pads as a result. It felt so good, so comfortable, and when Rengar reached out for his other leg, he lifted it willingly, at least in part. He gave off a soft, shuddering sigh, letting his chin sink into the grass as Rengar massaged deep into his other foot.
"Being a predator is all about exploiting weaknesses, bear." Rengar pushed Volibear's upturned hindpaws together.  He nestled his head forward and rubbed his cheeks between the soles, whiskers twitching as he felt Volibear squirm and groan beneath him. He inhaled deep through his nose. "Every creature is vulnerable if you know where to press and what to do. Ambush, corner, trick, or tire. Slit the throat or stab the eye. Each prey is different. It's something I'm grateful for." He grinned maliciously. "I think I would get bored otherwise."
Volibear had done his best to keep his silence up to this point, but the need to speak overtook him as strong as any growl or grunt. His bound handpaws opened only to clench into fists. "If I am vulnerable, it is only because of your cowardly tactics and trickery. You dishonor me, calling me prey, speaking of me as though I am a game, some sort of -- urrf!"
The Ursine's words halted in a loud snort as Rengar dropped his arm and gave the larger champion a sudden firm smack on the buttcheek, clenching it in his palm. "You are vulnerable because you let me get under your skin, bear. You are vulnerable because you are like a little lost cub, unsure of what he wants." The lion's paw slowly stroked across the Ursine's furry buttocks and reached for the crack. "You're vulnerable because you're ticklish, too, which never fails to amaze me. If only the people of your precious Freljord could see the mighty chieftain now as he squirms like a worm beneath my touch."
The lion's claw poked and prodded at the pucker of the bear's tailhole. Volibear snorted fiercely, clenching up and pushing into the wet grass in a feeble attempt to get free. He tried to get his knees beneath him to find purchase in the ground, but Rengar, still sitting upon the Ursine's lower back, kicked his heel into the back of the supine champion's thigh and sent him crashing back into the ground.
Rengar kept his foot just below the back of the bear's knee, keeping him partially pinned to the ground as his paw reached further. He gently parted the bear's opening with his claws, eliciting a loud, whimpering moan from the bound champion. He slithered his middle finger inside the writhing male, slipping it in up to the joint.
"S-stop this," Volibear stammered, squeezing his eyes shut as his hips mashed against the ground, half struggling to escape, half unable to resist grinding up against the soft ground. "Uhff... I cannot... I will not... rrrrgh..."
Rengar snorted quietly. He wriggled his finger around, exploring the bear's insides. His good eye lifted toward the sky ponderously.  He felt as easily as he heard the Ursine's heart rate pick up, audible to his sensitive ears even over the panting and the whimpering. He slipped a second finger in, and he snorted as he felt Volibear give out a cry of protest and thrash around beneath him.
He stirred around inside Volibear's tailhole for a while, testing his insides, poking around. Sometimes he thrust his fingers into and out of the bear; sometimes he pushed in to the knuckle and massaged at his prostate. Sometimes he left the bear's pucker for a few moments, reaching deeper to fondle his hanging, black-furred ballsack. The bear really seemed to squirm when he did that.
After a minute, Rengar slowly withdrew his fingers from the bear's backside. He used that same hand to smack and rub the Ursine's buttocks. He rose to his feet, lifting himself off Volibear's lower back only to come down onto his knees beside him. He was fully erect by now, and his penis jutted out mere inches from the Chosen's muscular arm. Volibear creaked his eyes open, stirring and turning his head to try to peer back at the predator beside him. He turned just in time to see the Pridestalker latch his clawed hands onto his sides and attempt to roll him over on his back.
Volibear fought against the lion, even as Rengar's claws pierced into his skin and drew a hint of blood. "Don't!" he cried out, bullying his weight into the grass and squirming against his assailant's strength. "You cannot -- must not do this!" But Rengar was physically powerful and had a positional advantage, and, not without effort, he was soon able to roll the Ursine over onto his back.
It became immediately clear to Rengar why Volibear fought so intensely to avoid being turned, and it caused a slow, devious grin to form on the lion's face. The bear's erection was plump and firm, quivering over and past his belly button. The Ursine closed his eyes, turning his head in shame as he endured the lion's predatory gaze.
"Bear," Rengar growled with delight. "How long has this been here?" He shuffled forward on his knees, putting the tip of his penis mere inches from his prey's.
He lifted his hand, hesitated a moment, then slowly reached for Volibear's crotch. The mighty Ursine let out a loud whimper, gritting his teeth as though enduring a great pain. Rengar brushed a few blades of wet grass from his length, his touch gentle and loving. He smirked as the Ursine stirred. He began to pet the bear's penis, stroking him from his furry sheath up to the tip of his bulbous head. Volibear snapped his teeth and snarled, but his expression grew more desperate as Rengar clenched his grip slightly and squeezed the Ursine's penis against his smooth palms.
"There's a good bear," Rengar mumbled, seeing the first trickle of precum collect at the tip of the bear's penis. He stroked up the shaft and dabbed it with his thumb, smearing the wetness against Voli's cockhead. The Ursine snorted, stabbing upward helplessly into the lion's fist. "You remember now, don't you? I reward my prey." He grinned, then added in a wry tone of voice, a casual statement against the fierce and bestial backdrop of Volibear's angry noises. "Usually I reward them with a legacy, as a trophy in my den. You are a lucky exception. So long as you continue to act... domesticated."
"Pridestalker," Volibear groaned, one eye squinting up at the lion towering over him. He squirmed again, feeling himself throb helplessly in Rengar's pumping grasp. "Nngh... I... I don't--"
"Shush," Rengar growled, and he squeezed Volibear's length uncomfortably tight. "The time for protesting has past. Stop complaining, and...." Here, the Pridetalker smashed his free fist into the bear's gut. Volibear gasped and spat in protest, but it grew into a groan as Rengar opened his palm and patted the Ursine's stomach. "You can make all the noise you want."
This continued on for what felt like several minutes, Rengar diligently stroking the bear's shaft and stomach. Volibear soon stopped squirming, save the occasional thrust of his hips and upward grind into his assailant's grasp. Rengar's own penis remained firm, sometimes bumping up against the bound Champion's side, but remained largely ignored in favor of the Ursine's pleasure. He seemed perfectly content to masturbate the bound bear for ages.
Finally, Volibear lifted his groan and spat out a plea. "Pridestalker... I ask you -- if you must do this, undo my bindings."
The eyebrow over Rengar's good eye lifted, and he looked the bear in the eye. "You ask me? Beg, and maybe I'll consider it."
Volibear shudders, but supressed the wave of indignant rage. He clenched his teeth and huffed a little, but it was only a few brisk seconds before he broke. "Pridestalker... I... I beesech--"
Renger snarled, his good eye gleaming. "Beg."
"I... beg you. Undo my bindings. I shall cause you no harm, nor defy you. I know when..." The next words hurt him fiercer than any blow to the gut. "I am defeated."
Rengar swelled with pride, his good eye flashing. He let Volibear go, rising up on his knees. "Bear," he said, voice rich with triumph and carnal glee. "That is all I've wanted to hear."
Rengar leaned forward, putting his thighs against the great bear's flank. Using his legs and one arm, he carefully rolled Volibear over onto his side, reveling in the comparative lack of protest the Ursine gave. He slipped his taloned arm low and severed the bindings, setting the Champion free. With that, Rengar shuffled back, letting Volibear fall back onto his back. The Pridestalker immediately tensed by, expecting a lash that did not come.
Volibear lifted his arms and put them on his chest, his giant paws just below his neck. He looked up at the Pridestalker, blue eyes without malice. His body did not stir as he remained on his back.
It was the closest Rengar would get to a statement of gratitude, and he took it. He put his hand right back on Volibear's shaft and resumed pumping him, quicker than before. "Your surrender pleases me, bear. This is all I have trained you for."
Volibear cracked his mouth open and groaned, shifting his hips upward into Rengar's squeezing fist. He was dribbling freely by now, thin translucent fluid trickling down onto the hunter's white-furred paw. His expression kept a resistance look of grit pain, but his body moved with the lion's jerk and he could not stifle the grunts he made. Whenever he creaked his eyes open, he could not help but look down upon the kneeling stalker's form, with his bulbous lionhood springing upward just inches from the bear's body.
"My trophy," Rengar purred with sinister delight, wetting his lips with a roll of his tongue. He crept his head forward to place his lips upon Volibear's shaft. As he did, Rengar reached out with his free hand, lifting the Ursine's paw up toward his face. He watched it closely, preparing to be clawed or punched, but Volibear remained docile. Rengar placed the huge paw on top of his head, looking up into his eyes with a toothy grin.
Rengar descended upon the bear's shaft, the weight of his heavy paw and arm bringing him in. He licked at the translucent glob near the tip, then kissed it, suckling out the next droplets of pre to follow. He heard the great bear grunt, felt his fingers and palm twitching against his hair, and snorted. Opening up, he took Volibear's penis into his mouth and began to suckle, curling his lips around his teeth.
Volibear bucked upward, gasping with surprise as he throbbed hard inside the Pridestalker's mouth. His legs shifted beneath the lion's weight, opening them as he punched upward one more, brushing along the scratchy feline tongue and bumping against the wet ridges along the inside of the lion's mouth.
Rengar kept his fist wrapped around the bear's sheath, squeezing and occasionally pumping him. Down on his knees, the lion's thickness was mere inches away from the bear's hanging scrotum, and occasionally the flexible lion would thrust forward to dab the tip against it.
Rengar sucked and lapped at the bear's malehood until he felt the stream of precum become constant. He pulled back against the Ursine's paw with a light gasp. He looked up his bulky body, grinning as he lightly panted.
"Now you. It's your turn to--"
That was when the Ursine attacked.
His paw clenched, holding the Pridestalker's head still. He jerked his leg up and smashed his knee up into Rengar's chin. The lion gasped, reeling as Volibear pulled his head in and smashed his head against the other's. Staggering from the blows, Rengar could offer no protest as Volibear reached lower with his mighty arm, grabbing the Pridestalker by his scruff and squeezing him hard until he felt the skin crack beneath his claws. Physically the lion's vast superior, Volibear was easily able to jerk the lion off of his body. He smashed down with his arm, pushing Rengar down onto all fours and using the leverage to push himself up onto his feet.
"Bear!" Rengar cried out in a snarl, pushing back against Volibear's muscular arm. He feebly swiped at Volibear's side, hardly managing a knick before his body was shook so hard his teeth rattled. "Rrrrrgh! Stubborn, honey-licking fat -- rrrfff!"
A powerful blow to the face shut the Pridestalker up midsentence. His was blinded momentarily, feeling his body dragged across the grass. His skin pulled tight at his neck as he tried in vain to dig his heels into the ground. His vision returned just in time to see a thick tree come into vision. Then his muzzle was forced into it.
Volibear stepped in behind Rengar, his massive bulk sandwiching the Pridestalker securely against the scratchy bark. His penis pushed its way between the lion's buttcheeks, its head bumping against the base of the smaller male's tail. He smothered the lion, smushing him up against the tree and snarling into his ears.
"Insolent cur, you have roused my fury and shall reap the consequences. Your sickening games have tried my patience for the last time!"
"Bear," Rengar growled, turning his head to stare at the massive bear behind him. "You can't really exp--"
"SILENCE!" The roar scattered the birds from the tree. "I have endured your babble long enough! I demand your silence as I demand what you have taken from me!"
"Taken f -- nnnggghh--!!"
Rengar's irate scowl turned quickly to near horror as he felt the bear shifting behind him. He grunted and flinched, feeling the bear's thick head sink inside the pucker below his tailhole. The slick shaft slid effortlessly into the lion's tight inner walls, punching forward until Volibear could give no more.
Rengar had endured a thousand cuts and bruises from his time in the League, but even so he howled in pain as Volibear reeled back only to thrust again. His claws shred the bark as he dug in, clinging to the tree desperately as the huge male behind him soon found a healthy thrusting pace.
Volibear snorted like a rabid beast, his breath hot on the back of Rengar's ears. His heavy musclegut smeared against Rengar's backside, smothering his tail. The bear's mighty chest forced the lion's against the tree, and Rengar could not hope to push back. He could only shift his hips back as hard as he could, concerned only with not ramming his dick against the sharp scratchy bark.
Volibear reached around the lion's body and grappled him by the chest, not as one grabs a lover but with possession and fierce anger. He stepped forward, stepping his big right foot onto Rengar's and pushing it into the grass.
"It comes."
The Pridestalker squinted, reeling his head to try to stare at the champion behind him. Something wasn't right, but amidst the panting, sweating chaos, his mind couldn't place it. His furs were starting to stand on end, and a chill rose up in his heart. "Bear," he growled warningly. "You don't--"
The power ripped through the Pridestalker's chest as fast as anything he had experienced. He tried to cry out in pain or pleasure, but the words caught in his throat. He looked down as the sensation started up again. The bear's palm was trembling against his chest, shaking with what seemed to be rage. Then Rengar saw the crackles of purple lightning dancing up the stormchosen's fingers, and he braced himself just in time for a second, more powerful pulse of energy to go rippling through his body.
Volibear's grunting had pick up, and Rengar's panting protests were drowned out by the bear's voice and that crackling lightning, now pulsing constantly through the lion's body. He grit his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, his whole body alight with energy. It was painful, kicking his adrenaline into overdrive. He was immensely hard, harder than he had ever been, and his penis bobbled and throbbed with every pulse of energy coursing down his spine. The electricity tingled at his sheath, tickling and stimulating him.
Volibear was crackling too, the purple lightning dancing up the black furs of his muscular body and channeling into his pawpads. His thrusting matched the electrical impulses, growing slower but stronger, much stronger, rocking the reeling lion's body with every powerful push. He put more of his weight against the Pridestalker's back, smashing himself against him, gripping him, squeezing him into his chest as the lightning danced and swirled around them.
Rengar wrapped both arms around the tree just to keep himself standing as his lithe body was jerked around, feeble in the arms of the bear's power. His good eye rolled up into his head as he closed it. His hips churned and twisted, not able to match or respond to the pace of the bear wedged inside him. He opened his maw and let off a wounded moan as the tingle around his crotch pushed him past his threshold. He opened his legs and let his balls hang, feeling the bear's scrotum swinging from behind to mash against his.
He felt his seed rushing up his shaft, knew in that instant he had crossed his threshold. He groaned again, eye squeezing shut as he felt himself bursting wet. His spunk splattered over the tree trunk he clung to. His fingers pried at the bark as he pushed back with all his force. The bear churned inside him, coercing his climax, driving it out with sheer force, jet after jet of his semen coating the treetrunk and the grass at its root.
Volibear wrapped his big arms around the lion's body, squeezing him, suppressing him, as he drove himself onward. Teeth grit, eyes squeezed shut, the purple lightning crackling around him as the great Ursine chieftain bucked his hips in one final mighty thrust. His chops peeled back as his grunt raised into a roar, a staggering bellow that heralded the coming of his seed.
Rengar squirmed in protest, but could not wriggle free as he felt the bear spilling hot inside him. His sphincter tightened as he felt the bursting of seed slicken the bear's penis, felt the overflow spill out and trickle down his taint. He held on for dear life as Volibear squeezed him so hard he thought his ribcage might break and that he might never breathe again. The bear was growling, groaning like a wildbeast, bits of his spit splattering on the back of the lion's neck as he endured wave after wave of the bear's sticky hot semen.
It seemed like a long time has passed before a great loud sigh beat at the back of Rengar's ears. The thrum of energy in the air died down, and the tickling buzz of electricity along the tips of their furs began to dwindled. A relative silence set in, leaving only the sound of the two gruff champions, puffing and panting for air. Volibear's grip relaxed at once. He put one massive paw to Rengar's scruff and pushed, dislodging himself from the Pridestalker. He shoved him forward into the tree and turned dismissively, stepping back toward his armor.
Rengar took a few moments to breathe. Relentlessly confident though he was, even he needed a little time to compose himself. He turned just in time to see Volibear holding up his leggings, frowning as he assessed the damage to the straps.
"A 'real' mating, at last," the lion snorted. He patted down some of the furs on his arm still standing, brushing them down with the back of his fingers.
"Our last," Volibear grunted, not looking up at the lion. "You have been bested, Pridestalker. Retreat to the brush with your tail between your legs, grateful that I have let you keep your life. I am the predator now, and I've no need for prey from the likes of you."
"Is that how it is, bear?" Rengar's good eye twinkled, and he could not fully suppress the smile that grew. He stepped forward, crossing his arms over his chest with satisfaction. His still-erect penis bobbled and hung as he stood tall. "You 'bested' me, is it? You 'let me' keep my life?"
Volibear sighed, finally putting his leggings back on. He turned, giving the Pridestalker's body a quick once over before turning away, snarling. He had to hold his pants up with one leg to keep them from falling to his ankles. "Do not deny it. I overpowered you, caught you helpess and took advantage. A deceitful trick of your own cunning."
Rengar tipped his head to the sky and laughed. Volibear scowled, giving him another brief look before turning, gathering up the rest of his fallen pieces of armor.
The lion waited for the Chieftain to ask what he found so funny, but the Ursine said nothing. "Hrrmph," Rengar snorted, his grin dying only slightly. "You amuse me, bear. Perhaps that's why I keep you as a living trophy." He tossed his head up, dreaded mane falling back. "I am not like you, bear. I am never at another's whim. I am never 'helpless'."
"Liar!" Volibear retorted, whirling on the naked lion furiously. He growled, chomping his teeth at him. "I had you quivering in my grasp, at my mercy!"
"At your mercy," Rengar echoed, his good eye rolling. "I'll say it again, bear. I'm not like you. I am neither clumsy nor oblivious." When Volibear did not respond, Rengar sighed with mocking melodrama, his voice taking on a bored tone.
"Twice your neck passed right before my muzzle. I had to stop myself from taking a bite." He uncrossed his arms and held up a paw, unsheathing his claws. He began to pick dirt out from his cuticles. "You neglected to disable my talons or my arms. I could have reached behind me and disemboweled you at any point, or reached up out your eye... Ha, I could have cut your precious bearhood clean off! Wouldn't that have dampened the mood?"
Volibear soured, gnashing his teeth together. He stomped menacingly forward, eyes blazing with fury. "Deceptive cur! I handled you like a cub's plaything! You speak these threats now, but rendered none when you claim to have had the chance. Your words are but wind!"
"Ungh, more of your prattling bluster. Here I thought we could spend the aftermath cuddling. Maybe a little kissing, talking about our feelings?" Rengar smirked, only wider when Volibear grunted his displeasure. "You know I tell you no lies, bear. I don't see the point. I am concerned only with my pleasure, and yours. And now that I have experienced both, it's time to take my leave."
"Be gone!" Volibear roared, tossing his armor to one side and slashing at the air. But Rengar was already stepping off into the woods, his tail swishing to and fro, covering and revealing his rump with every passing second.
"Oh, one final thing," the lion said, turning his head without looking over his shoulder. "Your performance in the league is not adequate. You are my prey, but you are a champion too, and I have no respect for a brute who costs his team victory. Put your head on straight, bear, or maybe next time I'll lop it off."
"LEAVE!" Volibear roared, forceful enough to set the leaves in the trees rustling. Rengar shrugged and complied, lazily, casually, and it was only after the lion was well out of sight did the great bear remember to add, "And there will be no next time!"
Snarling and grunting and stamping his feet, Volibear gathered up the last of his precious armor. He muttered, knowing it would be a pain to restore, but at least he, like all Ursine, was able to do so himself. There would be no awkward questions, no need to lie or to be vague. He would work through the night and none would be the wiser.
Sighing, the big champion looked toward the broken ropes, laying discarded on the grass. He pursed his lips. He would have a long night ahead, and would still have to be ready for his League match in the morning. The bets were overwhelmingly in favor of the other team, and it was outright stated that it was Volibear's previous performances that had so tipped the betting pool in favor of the other side.
But somehow, though he was angry, upset, and vengeful, he knew these emotions were petty and small. Deeper down, in a place he did not like to think about too often, he felt strangely comforted -- satiated.
A fish, a nap, and a long bath, he thought. He spared himself a rare treat, one he did not often afford himself. He smiled. Then I work through tonight. Tomorrow, I will be victorious.
With that, he stepped back into the middle lane and marched on for the summoner's platform.

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