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The Undesired Desires of Annabella; Chapter One; "Why can't I stop?" (Preview)

     Long, shallow breathing collapsed from the plush lips of the girl hidden between the two dark green lockers, the metal heated by the heating vent pressed against her back. The blond's eyes remained half shut as small bits of drool and tears mixed as they poured from her chin. The teenager was known as Annabella Frank, a fifteen year old girl with many secrets that surrounded her. The first secret she had was one she was born with, one that she could never change about herself. She was grown as a futanari, a girl with a dick that hung flaccid at five inches just above her clit. When hard, she increased to around eight inches or so, but she never really measured. Often enough when she was hard, she was too busy masturbating to measure. This was her second secret, she was drunk of pleasure and nothing could quench it besides masturbation. She would spend hours at night rubbing her long, smooth fingers along the veiny and throbbing surface of her cock until she orgasmed multiple times.

     Annabella was a petite girl when it came to height, standing at five feet and one inch. She had silky, flowing blond hair that ran halfway down her neck and curled at the tips. She was a cute girl, not a blemish on her face. The only mole she had was on her upper left arm, just below her shoulder, it seemed to be her only imperfection. Sadly though, this caused her to be popular, which she hated. She didn't want the attention, she didn't want guys to ask her out, because she didn't want anyone to know any of her secrets. Even though her attitude seemed to be rude at first, she was sweet, loving, and just like any other girl on the outside. Yet there was much more to Annabella, something many would never guess. She was an exhibitionist. The young girl was addicted to public sex and masturbation. She was a virgin, but she loved the risk of public masturbation, the thrill of almost being caught. Even now, as her hand wildly stroked her throbbing member as precum flowed out of its hit tip, she bit onto her shirt and cryed, hoping no one would see.

      She sniffled a bit, unable to stop herself from crying as the tip of her shirt was stained with her saliva. Her orgasm was close, and she was preparing herself to hold back from cumming. She was lucky she found this place though, where as long as she was silent no one would see her. It was last month, she always changed before everyone came in, but she was running late and had to hide so no one would see her penis. She slid inbetween the lockers, only to find out the dark area hid all light, and the buzzing heater hid almost all of her sounds. It was a public masturbator's heaven. She could watch the girls change, on occasion one would bend over right infront of her and give her a heavenly look. One time she came a bit on the inside of a girl's panties and watched as she put them on without noticing, which had fueled her for almost a week.

      She suddenly swallowed hard, seeing someone walk infront of the crevice between the lockers. It was the girl she had known for barely a year, the ebony goddess Elizabeth. Her cock gave a light twitch in her hand as she stared at the girl, drooling harder as she looked her over. Elizabeth, it almost felt wrong to masturbate to her. She was the girl that Annabella had found herself love strucken towards since the first day they met. The tanned girl had short black hair and dazzling brown eyes that shone like spotlights, her body curved to a perfect hourglass, finished off with plump lips, a plumper butt, and D-Cup breasts.

Suddenly her entire body jumped up as she saw something move, a white flash near her cock. Elizabeth's panties suddenly fell towards her, dropping onto her cock. She didn't know what to say, think, or even do, but only one thing couldn't be stopped. Suddenly her teeth bit through the fabric of her light blue tanktop and nearly broke her lip in half as her back arched sharply. Her hips moved forward and her eyes rolled back lightly, holding back a loud moan with all her might as her cock finally allowed a sweet release, spraying the thick jizz she became addicted to letting out all over the fabric of the girl she loved without even realizing the act. She could hear as a single drop fell down to the floor from the plain white panties. Slowly her eyes opened, only to see the worst sight she could ever imagine. Elizabeth had leaned in and her hand had cupped the bulb of her cock and the panties around it, staring wide-eyed at Annabella.
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