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Star Wars Kinect

Might be the worse thing to happen to the franchise since JarJar and the prequels. I don't own xbox but I notice the commercials do not show the dancing. Yes, StarWars dancing:



Yeah, Han Solo busting a move and Slave Leia shaking her thing for Jabba. And look at the lyrics!

I am laughing at the hilarity and crying as my childhood is raped once again.

Now I know I should not take it seriously(and I really don't. I am just acting as the response on the videos are =)), and its not the worst thing. Hell Micheal Bay could be producing a spin off of Bobba Fett of him going around and getting bounties with his smoking hot, big boobied girlfriend by his side and blowing everything up for a bounty tag that is not worth the fuel and ammo cost. Actually, I might just go see that...

Anywho, enjoy your dancing Star Wars. =D
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
I think it looks pretty good.

And I would account that franchise a solid 'at least decent' through ALL the games... difficulty not counted XD

P.S.: I like Jar Jar and the prequels.
7 years ago
" I like Jar Jar and the prequels.

*sits down with popcorn* This is gonna be good.
7 years ago
Fuck my skull in an kill me now.
7 years ago
[quote]Anywho, enjoy your dancing Star Wars. =D[/quote]

I will! This is awesome! I love everything about it and it is the first Kinect game I really want! Plus it makes fanboys cry! That's the biggest cherry on top of all!
7 years ago
the hate is strong with this one XD
7 years ago
WHY!!!... SERIOUSLY.... WHYYY!!! and why such crappy song rewrites...
Write your own damn music... I at least expected the star wars disco
music when i saw it was dancing... Heres a hint.. Not everything needs
to be the michel jackson experience.. STOP IT.  God.. I'd rather have
Jar Jar! the movie.
7 years ago
7 years ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZl8Qfmzi9o this is what i was refrencing
7 years ago
Than mate me want to dive into the Sarlac pit, head first.
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