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Francis Meme?

I dunno if it actually exists (yet), but either way, I feel like doing this - a list of things I hate.

I hate the rain.
I hate fog.
I hate spammed pictures on e621.
I hate lag.
I hate glitches.
I hate cheaters.
I hate liars.
I hate bullies.
I hate people who wrong me.
I hate white foxes with anime-style appearances.
I hate hunger.
I hate boredom.
I hate people who ignore me.
I hate people who lead me on a fake trail of love.
I hate people who don't give new things a try.
I hate losing. (Most of the time.)
I hate being tired.
I hate indecisiveness.
I hate constant depression.
I hate complaining.
I hate whiny people.
I hate stomach aches.
I hate animal abusers.
I hate hunting.
I hate pain.
I hate crime.
I hate horrible-tasting food.
I hate braggarts who only try to make you feel bad.
I hate rich people.
I hate being forgotten.
I hate losing my games.
I hate losing games that end up being found years later.
I hate complex game mechanics.
I hate being unable to do something.
I hate myself being lazy.
I hate not being able to get a job.
I hate school.
I hate preppy kids.
I hate whores.
I hate people who only talk about themselves.
I hate double-crossers.
I hate being double-crossed.
I hate my current internet connection. (dial-up)
I hate my drawing skills.
I hate not finishing what I start.
I hate power outages.
I hate idiots.
I hate people who think they can do the impossible.
I hate God of War, II and III. (is there an IV? I hate it, too.)
I hate movie criticism.
I hate haters.
I hate people who only watch movies with 'high ratings'.
I hate being single.
I hate breaking my glasses. Over, and over, and over.
I hate my shower.
I hated my dog Slick. (She killed all but three of our dogs.)
I hate my uncle. (Drug-addicted fucker.)
I hate fights.
I hate Silver's horrible ex-boyfriends.
I hate Gaki's current boyfriend.
I hate the fact that Mavy's girlfriend can't get a job.
I hate MY inability to get a job. (Didn't I say this already?)
I hate being poor. (I want ART, damn it!)
I hate PKing.
I hate people who gouge other people's eyes out and keep them as trophies. (Sick fucker, he was.)

I think that wraps most of my hatred up. ^.^
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Added: 6 years, 12 months ago
6 years, 12 months ago
so many things :o
atleast now i know why you were acting so annoyed whenever i was being indecisive ^^;;
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