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So Many Things I Care To Do Raving Raichu Bio

But I am having problems deciding which. I believe I am gonna be writing for awhile, and only doing art once or twice a week for a little while. I am writing a sequel to the first Raving Raichu story, as he races so fast to catch up with Ash, and is worried about his Pidgeotto, that he succeeds in making Viridian City in a single day.
officer Jenny takes him the rest of the way, only she stops at the front doors. and then tells Victor, Raving Raichu, that she can't bring him to the front desk.
Anyone who has watched Season one, should understand why she can't bring him to the front desk.
I hand Pidgeotto to Nurse Joy, and then tell her I don't wanna be see by a female. So she sends for a Slowking, who keeps falling asleep on me, while he's suppose to be treating me.
One thing leads to another, as a certain type of oral sex ends up happening.
Considering the name of this one is Viridian Forrest Mayhem, I am not done writing it yet. I run into first a large amount of Rattata, which isn't too much of a problem. But then more then 2 dozen Raticate show up, and I am overwhelmed. Things become worse when Fearow show up. Using Pidgeotto, I manage to get far enough away from the Raticate, and then Pidgeotto manages to chase at least some of the Fearow off. Pidgeotto suddenly evolves to Pidgeot, and then scares the rest away. Having already been at a high level, Pidgeotto didn't have far to go. Pidgeotto, and now Pidgeot, seemed to not mind listening to me though... even though I had no badges. I guess... being a Pokémon trainer, and a Pokémon at once, has it's advantages.
By the time I make Pewter City, I end up with an experienced Raticate, as well as one of the stronger Fearow... I also end up with a Spearow too.
So by the time I finally, finally? For Ash, it took into weeks to make Pewter City... but it ends up taking me days only. After dealing with some of the problems I had to deal with, I find that I still have to cross most of the forest yet. Using less as much Agility, that'll be a higher challenge.

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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
sounds good...    :)
7 years, 3 months ago
It's something I really wanted to do for a long time.
Eventually Victor does run into Ash again.
He even makes it on time, but then he is holding a normal spectator ticket.
He also asks to stay at Ash's, almost as if they would tell him no or something.
Kick ur ass for even asking? I think that's along the correct line.
His mom has no problem taking me in. But I decide I don't want to compete anyway.
That is Very far ahead in this story... as there isn't even material between.
I have written in my head many different ways I misbehave with Ash's Pokémon while I stay over.
So far, I haven't made up my mind. That's good though, because I have a lot of material to try to come up with.
I believe while all the way back around, and not far from Viridian City, https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=91684
In other words, my plan is to link it.
7 years, 3 months ago
like you said.  having different ideas to write is a good thing.  you can take the story in any direction.   :)
7 years, 3 months ago
so very true. part of it though, was written... it was just a matter of trying to get it outa mah-brain. ;)
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