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Finally finished ME3....

While the actual ending was kind of like okay, everything leading up the ending was like REALLY!
I expected more of all the stuff I did to matter, but I find out that you only need an EMS of at least 4000 to be good, that no matter what you do the final battle is going to be the same. The thing I really liked about ME2 was that all the stuff you did mattered in the end because your ship didn't blow up and kill everyone.....

The ending itself was like, okay, that's understandable, but not I got a whole bunch of new fucking questions because why attempting to answer the questions I had you failed to do that and just made me say WTF? I will say, doesn't make any sense. Like, if the whole point of the reapers is to stop organics from wiping each other out or for synthetics from wiping out the organics because we're all chaotic, then why does that need to happen any more because the Geth and Quarian are getting along just fine now and we all seem to be at peace because we're fighting you all. The Reapers have forced the organics to evolve to come together and act... iono, awesomely. Can't you just give us what we want mr/ catalyst and not kill Shepherd even though we knew it was coming. : /

Wasn't horrible, but it's still the worst ending in Mass Effect history and to me, it felt half ass'd even with the really bitchin' combat scenes.
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7 years, 2 months ago
Everything could be fine, but the ending is a bit messed up in one direction... They destroy all the retranslators in the end... And according to ME2, destroying one just annihilates the galaxy it is in... And the rest of alien and human fleet will be locked in solar system, which means biiiig problems-
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