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Lemmy's Character Use Doc

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Last Updated: 2019-01-11

Notice: This journal may be updated periodically, please check the Last Updated and/or Last Reviewed dates for recency.


Some are open about the use of their characters. Some, like me, are a little more particular and guarded about them.

If you have any interest in soliciting me for use of my characters, please read this post for more information before doing so. You may have been directed here via a link from me, please read any requested sections to answer or clarify against your solicitation.

Please read the comments section, I will post a comment when I make updates to make it easier to follow if you are frequenting this document or if you need to review any history.

If this makes it seem like I'm being overly complicated and making it difficult to use my characters... Well... You're not wrong. I kind of am. I don't mean to be a dick about it, I'm just a careful and cautious little guy.

Thank you for respecting my boundaries, it is greatly appreciated.

Soliciting Me For Us Of My Characterse

The best way to contact me for use of my characters is via PM on InkBunny or SoFurry.

When soliciting me for appropriate use of my character(s), please be cordial / amicable to the best of your ability. You are more likely to gain my permission if you are well-mannered, clear, and respectful.

You are most likely to succeed if your solicitation explains the following:

* Which character(s) of mine you wish to use by name
* The content or manner in which you wish to use them
** Description of the idea, themes, concepts, etc.
* Who will be doing the work (if it is not you)
* Why you wish to use my character / your motivations

The more info you can give, especially regarding conditional characters, the more comfortable I will likely be. It's a conversation, though, so it's not like you have one PM to sell it, but if you want it to go quickly / smoothly that's probably the best info to put in the first one.

My Use Of Others' Characters

Please note that I do collaborate with others and use their characters in my stories. Obviously, I cannot permit you to use them. I make it very clear in my descriptions of stories if-and-when characters belong to others, so please read the description. If there are no ownership credits mentioned, then it is likely an original story of mine and all characters are mine.

Some of these stories will contain both a mix of my own original characters, but also characters that I have created that technically belong to the other character (such as the mom of, or a friend of, the other person's character). I am not perfect, so please ask if there is any ambiguity.

Use Of Jointly-Owned Characters

Not applicable at this time (I do not have any jointly-owned characters).

Use Of My Characters

Use of my characters is divided into three statuses:

* Forbidden
* Conditional
* Open

Each character reference will have this status in the description, as well as a link back to this journal; the statuses should be self-evident on the surface, but the following sections will elaborate on them and provide examples.

Notice: Characters which lack a reference are considered [color="orange]Conditional[/color] unless they fall under a series (i.e. Raspberry) that as a whole has a different status.

Notice: Just like in Magic The Gathering, the text in the Character Reference sheet overrides any broader rules (i.e. if a Raspberry character has Conditional on their reference sheet, they are conditional even if Raspberry as a whole is considered Forbidden); the status on the Character Sheet for InkBunny overrides the status on the Character Sheet for any other site the reference may be posted on.

Notice: If no status has been provided on a character sheet, consider it Forbidden, and please notify me so that I may update it, thank you.

Forbidden Status

These characters are forbidden from use, please do not solicit me for these characters, and please do not use these characters in any work, written or pictured, clean or otherwise.

Characters from the stories Year Of The Raspberry and 4X+Y are forbidden from use. You may identify these characters by their respective Illustrations Pools or Folders if/when available.

Conditional Status

These characters are able to be solicited, but you require my permission and they may have restrictions or other conditions in order to be used.

Notice: Conditional does not refer to themes / fetishes the character is allowed in or restricted from. An example conditional use might be that they are only allowed in clean works, or that they can only be used once I've posted a particular story / picture; the list of themes / fetishes (if applicable) are completely separate.

Not applicable (I have no conditionally available characters at this time).

Open Status

These characters are open for use, however I would still appreciate some kind of notification, and I would also like to be able to post the work in my gallery, if possible.

Notice: Open does not mean open for use in any themes / fetishes; limitations on those may apply per-character.

My Fursona / I am open, please review my reference sheet here:

Lemmy Niscuit by LemmyNiscuit


Best way to contact for solicitation?

Via PM on InkBunny or SoFurry, and please read the section on soliciting me for more information on things I'm looking for. If you lack these things, I will ask for them. If you can't provide them, I'm not very comfortable moving forward.

Why make things so complicated?

Thank you, Mr. Strawman, very good question. Complexity is a deterrent, and my thought is that if you can respect my boundaries and terms enough to move forward, the collaboration will go smoothly for all parties.

But wait, you did a collaboration and it featured one of your forbidden characters!

Very astute observation Mr. Strawman. Have you considered the possibility that I may also be a solicitor to others, and that I have power of discretion over my own rules and characters?

Is the character still forbidden even though my idea is clean / general-rated and completely innocent?

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Added: 3 years, 6 months ago
3 years, 6 months ago

I will reply to this comment with any updates / changes that were made (aka: changelog).
3 years, 5 months ago

Removed the notice of now characters being open for use.

Added my Furson / Myself as open for use.
3 years, 6 months ago

Please reply to this comment if you have any questions, or I will transcribe Q&As that I receive here.
3 years, 6 months ago
Is the format of this character use doc entirely of your creation? What is its use status? Is it open for others to make their own off of?
3 years, 6 months ago
Yeah I came up with this format and definitions all on my own. Sure, if you like it and want to use it / modify it to fit your needs, go for it. 👍
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