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Updated: 07/11/2013

- Close-ups/internals are +$5.46 each.
- Small backgrounds are usually a room with half a bed or a chair.
- Large backgrounds are the whole shebang.
- Please be PATIENT. I will try to finish you commission in a timely fashion but your commission may take up to, but no longer than 3 months depending on how life treats me.
- I prefer drawing single character images over multiple ones.
- My personal character(s) are available for porn commissions.
- Only 2 character per image (3 or more is only available through an auction).
- You have permission to post anything you have commissioned from me, as long as you give credit to me.
- You will not be added to my list unless payment has been made. I don't save spots for anyone without payment. It's basically whoever pays first, gets added to the list.

- PayPal is my payment method of choice.
- I require payment upfront and in full before I start a commission.
- Often if it's a large amount ($200+) I will accept half before and half after linework is done.

I WILL draw:
- Anthro characters
- Human characters (humans are not my strong point)
- Ferals
- Any rating, from G rated, straight to hardcore XXX.
- Any gender or sex pairing: M/M , F/F , F/M , So on and  so forth.
- Rape
- Incest
- Tentacle
- Fat Furs
- Bestiality/Feral on Anthro
- Canon/Fanart

I WILL NOT draw:
- Extreme mecha (I can try simple robo legs/arms/eyes)
- Vehicles
- Child Pornography/Cub Pornography/Child or Cub in adult situation (non adult cub is fine)
- For extreme fetishes, ask for more information.
- Hyper
- Comics

- Please provide visual reference for your characters. If no model sheet is available, please provide visual reference of the types of things you want drawn: body type, details, clothing type, etc.
- If no visual reference is available at all, please provide a full, detailed written description.

- I do not generally take deadlines, if you need an image done on a close deadline, It will cost Extra. ( Double the cost of what it would be normally. Rushing an image and keeping quality is very stressful, but I am willing to do it if you are willing to pay!)

Private Commissions
If you do not want your commission posted let me know in advance.

Additional Fees
If your character is complicated or overly detailed you will be charged an extra fee. List of things that are considered complete:
- overly complect clothing or accessories
- crazily detailed markings
- back wings
- extra limbs
- mecha parts
- armor
- detailed tattoos

Refund policy
- Refunds will be granted in full ONLY if work on a project has not yet begun.
- NO refunds will be given if the work is fully completed from start to finish.
- NO refunds will be given if you've received, then months down the line, you decide that you don't like it.

- I am very sorry, but I do not do deadlines at all.

Extra Stuff
- You get the full resolution picture. (Size depends, but is usually around 2500 at the largest side.)
- I have the right to post or not post it, unless we have discussed otherwise.
- You have the right to post it in your gallery or wherever you see fit as long as my watermark is not removed.
- I don't work in the order my commission list goes. So no butthurt if your's wasn't finished before theirs.

[quote]If have all right to post your commission in your online galleries, print the image, show it to friends, put it on your wall, put it on any clothing or miscellaneous item and all that good stuff.
You may crop and use as an avatar or profile image.

You may NOT modify the image without my specific written consent.
You may NOT claim credit for creating the image in any way.
You may NOT use the image for profit. No selling prints, no selling any items with the image printed on them, no using it as an example to sell your own work, or using it as an advertisement or promotional image without my specific written consent.
You may NOT use this image for promotional or official means. No using it on fliers, business cards, advertisements, or other promotional materials for any event, person, or organization, whether for profit or non-profit, without my specific written consent.
When in doubt, please ask. [/quote]
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
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7 years, 2 months ago
"- Child Pornography/Cub Pornography/Child or Cub in adult situation (non adult cub is fine)" Not drawing it is fine and is your choice. But do you really need such a blatantly offensive, and false, way of articulating what you think it is?
7 years, 2 months ago
How is it false or offensive?
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