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State of the Fandom's Media

It's an interesting thing, our particular, if even just vaguely strung together, 'furry' fandom.

I've always had several... Grievances with it. I've never felt 'Furry' was a very encompassing term, and is frankly a bit insulting to the greater span of the characters it envelops. I've always been a bit disappointed with its content, also.

I should clarify that. I have no issue with its extremes or fetishes within what some might say is a fetish itself. There should be no limits on the imagination, whether I or anyone else deems these ideas interesting or relevant or whatever. My disappointment lies, really, in the lack of substance to the fandom. The sexy things, whatever they may be that turn your crank, are great and all, but, where are all the stories of consequence? Of dramatic and fantastic nature outside of the coital relations? These are amazing characters that have the potential to far outstrip their vanilla anthropoidal counterparts in creative presentation and yet harbor like personalities, and all we seem to be able to muster with them is their ability to fuck.

I know it exists, I know it's a thing that some do. There's Jack, of course, or even cuter comics like Bear Nuts. There's the novels like Fangs of K'aath, or even stuff from outside the fandom like the Redwall series. Or major media releases like Secret of NIMH and the such. It's there, I know. But there's so little of it in comparison.

You might say that's true of other popular media, but, there are whole stores created around what has been made in those efforts that tells a rich story, multiples even, in nearly every city around the world. There's certainly a geekdom receptive to good creative media out there.

I want to see more efforts at great and epic tales. I want to see a serious 'furry' movie. I want to see a fandom novel make it into the mainstream without people pointing and going 'fur-fag shit! Burn it!' (except on 4-chan, that's just going to happen, regardless.).

I want people to have a good impression when they hear about our sort, rather than turn and run away and shriek in fear. Especially when they come from some of those dens of interest which are equally reviled by the average person, like someone of the hardcore kink persuasion, which is a thing that actually happened to me one time when I revealed I was in this fandom. Man that was a weird experience.

You can't say that there isn't the body of talent in our greater group. I've seen scores of artists who post flourished whims that would qualify as high art even among the stuffiest of academics. I have seen authors among us who weave golden words of tales of therianthropic characters amid space, of fantasy and war, of every day drama and of comedy. And yes, tales of epic sexual encounters ripe for the silver screen or blue theater. Tales that I hope live on into the ages.

There's just not enough of it, I think. Or we aren't doing enough with it. Or we are, as a group, turning a blind eye because there aren't vinyl inflated tentacle cocks raping the nearest vixen somewhere in its events.

It's one thing to get up on the soap-box and rant, but the words are empty the one spouting them isn't making their own efforts. It's quite likely that this is the first time you've ever even heard of me, for example (though I can't imagine why you'd come to this before seeing any of my art...), but, I try to make headway toward this goal of a fandom-wide name in good light every day. I'm writing, drawing, talking the good talk. My efforts may ultimately go quietly into the night, but, I work against that as hard as I can.

I just want to see what you can do to. Show me some great tale. I see and hear of them all the time as ideas, but I want to see that story realized into something grand.

What can you do?
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
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