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RIP Buffy - 03/23/12

Our oldest cat, Buffy, died today. She was one of the few I could stand. The others always drive me nuts and are a great contribution to my daily stress, but Buffy never bothered me. I'll miss you, Buffy.

She had been experiencing health problems related to old age, we having had her as a kitten since 1993. My sister was taking care of her. When my father visited on the ninth, we went by her house and I saw what bad shape Buffy was in. She could barely move. She was still eating, but had problems making it to the litterbox. I never told my sister, but I felt that Buffy was suffering and it was wrong to keep her alive. I didn't say anything. I didn't want to be rude. Now, though, I feel as if I'm responsible for Buffy's prolonged suffering, when I should've spoken up and said something, based on the fact I raised her when she was a kitten and felt I had some say in the matter.

My mom says my sister couldn't let go. Even though I raised Buffy, she was my sister's cat more than anything, and she had difficulties letting Buffy pass on. But, today, my sister came home and found Buffy in the litterbox, barely moving. She called my mother (I was asleep, having pulled an all-nighter) who told her it was time. Buffy needed to be put to rest. So my mom went with her to the vet, who confirmed that Buffy was in a great deal of pain and hadn't been eating for several days. She went peacefully.

I'm a bit upset. Not really over Buffy dying. She was in pain and it had to be done, and I'm happy she is at peace now. I am upset with myself for not speaking up on Buffy's behalf sooner and trying to tell my sister I thought Buffy was suffering. And I'm upset I never did get to pet her one last time. While we were at my sister's house with my dad, things were just so hectic, I never got the chance. A "Hi" was all I managed. It depresses me that this is the last thing I will have ever said to the cat I took care of when she was a kitten.

Buffy, I'll miss you. You're in kitty heaven now, and you can't suffer any more.
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
My condolences, I can sympathise quite well.
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