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Writing A BIO (Won't Be Posting For A While.)

RavingRaichu use to be a large part of my life, so I am writing about his misfortune and experiences with Gary Oak. Battle battle battle and no play... EVER! As I am a Pichu, and do not like Gary, Do NOT like him one bit.
He won't let me out, and just hang around, just for so. To eat. To Battle. But I don't come out for any other reason. In the Bio slash story, I attempted running away. Unfortunately Gary caught me fast, probably because I fell asleep not far from his campsite. I really do not know for sure, besides the fact that I fell asleep, only to wake up back inside my Pokèball. The only thing good I do have from Gary at this point, is that my levels have rose fast. I am at a level which I now know Thunderbolt, and will probably learn Thunder soon. Already knowing Agility, using it to help me get away this time, would be the plan.
Now, it's all a matter of the correct time.
The plan is, Morning, a thunderbolt on Gary, Squirtle with revive, and then run as fast as my little Pichu feet can carry me. I confined it in Squirtle, which I don't mention, that I wanted to leave. Squirtle, who is ready to evolve, agrees to help. Of course, most of this, I don't tell the audience, not straight away anyway... I don't like predictable.
I make my escape, and then run, jog, and walk fast, and then jog some more... until I downright puke, before I even rest yet. Back the way we came from, as Gary had written on another sign.
"Gary was here, Ash is a loser." Eventually I run into Ash, Pikachu, Brock and Misty, who are very nice to me.
The only reason I didn't write this years ago, is because most of my stories were just a few paragraphs long.
I didn't ever get into 2 - 3 pages, and when I did, only barely. 1,000 words? That would have been amazing for me at one time. Something I don't even get now, is what I truly needed, and not what I got when I first started. Insults won't help a person, only lower their self esteem. I finally just decided to press forward no matter what... and just kinda figured, if I kept with it... someone would like reading my stuff.
Anyway, if anyone wants to know why I'm not releasing the other versions of some of the stuff I am working on, that is why. It's because I am writing this, that is why I am not working on the Fievel Pooping In His Hat, And Pissing On His Clothes.
I do wanna finish that too... but this has been itching me to write it, ever since before I would be able to do half as good a job doing so.


This is longer then some of my stories use to be at one time, and it's merely a Journal, summarizing some of what I am working on writing. :D

Thanks Very Much For Reading. ;)  *Huggles*  
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