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Posting and Patreon

It's been a while! I've been mainly focusing my work on SF, so if you want a ton more content, It's already posted over there at https://akeroh.sofurry.com . However, I will be poting the backog here over the course of the next several weeks and months and I'll be keeping up to date here, too.

Time is a luxury in high demand. We only get so much, and sadly, I've found myself focusing my time in other directions than my furry-published writing. I love writing these stories, but in the past year, I've encountered vast demands on my time and my money.

I am still, as always, deeply thankful for my readers. I understand that spending the time to read my stories is a sacrifice, and I'm humbled that they are good enough that so many people enjoy their time with them. 

I want to write more. I want to get art done for these pieces and share those with all of you. I'd love to get an editor, even for the pieces that aren't going to be published for money, so that my craft and these tales can be even better.

I'm not here to beg or to obligate you to donate to me. I'm trying to provide more sustainability and get some breathing room to dedicate more time to this hobby. I'm also providing something in return for your hard-earned money; the patreon will provide early access to stories and previews of artwork and covers. It will also provide sneak peeks and previews of work that will be published in novel form rather than posted to furry sites. I'll also provide scraps, previews, and possibly some bonus stories that will either not be posted elsewhere or posted on a much longer delay.

Over the course of this week, I'll be adding several early-access posts to the Patreon. As well as several new chunks of Dragonpet, these will include a free, vore-and-casual-exhibitionism focused novella that will be the next post here. There will also be some never-before-seen scraps and a few images, too! There is a discord server being set up that will be public with some extra rooms and stuff for patrons!

As soon as I'm able to, I'll also be giving e-reader versions of posted work to patrons, and (eventually) I would love to produce and give audio versions of these stories to them too! Patrons will even be able to directly influence finished pieces and provide story and character ideas, and maybe even see their own characters used in my works.

I love writing these things, especially the works that many people enjoy but are simply unpublishable; I wouldn't be able to write them without working a full-time job, and even then, it's difficult to justify continuing to create these stories that so many others enjoy. I absolutely love writing it, but even a small contribution would allow for more related content, more stories, and more of my time dedicated to this craft.

My apologies for the break in posting; I have many more stories finished and ready to post and I'll be getting back to a regular release schedule soon! I've been preparing extra scraps, content, early-release, and preview stories for this Patreon page. 

If you've enjoyed my work, please consider supporting me! I've finally set up a Ko-fi, for one-time support, and a patreon for recurring support and extra content at http://www.patreon.com/VanceIron . Over the course of the next week, I'll be adding extra pre-release content to the Patreon, as well as some never-seen-before scraps and stories!

And again, please, please don't feel obligated to contribute if you don't have the means or desire. I'm happy to continue sharing my stories here and I'm stable in my career and my life. All of the substantial content that will be on the patreon, excluding e-reader formats/compilations and audio versions, will be posted eventually. Only some scraps, direct reader interaction, and a handful of other content that wouldn't have otherwise been posted will end up being exclusive.

Whether you decide to contribute or not, I'm very glad and thankful that you've read and enjoyed my tales.
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