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Reflecting Emotions?

Do your pictures really reflect your emotions?

Consciously or subconsciously if you really~ think about it, have you noticed a pattern in what you draw when your in a certain mood?
I've noticed recently my pictures kind of have...even just little doodles I do in the back of my book or for fun...its pretty weird and the human mind is surprising...anywho~ yeah. Lets get to the point.
I havent drawn much of what I was supposed to recently and I'm sorry about that.
I was meant to have up a few sexy pictures, a request, 3 gifts and 5 other character sheets...but~ doesnt look or feel like thats going to happen any time soon.
Just want to apologize for the slowness and lack of well...anything other than journals.
I have already said I havent been to well and I'm not looking for attention/pity or anything of the sort, just wanted to warn/apologize in advance that there wont be as many pictures coming up until I am better. I dont know how long it will be till I am, Cause unfortunately I have been getting worse.
Sorry to plop this low-mood journal on you guys, but I hope that you all understand and stuff...

Thankies, X.Ayva
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Daww.... Work though it, then do stuff when you wanna ^^  You always come first, nothing else ^^
7 years ago
aww thank you ^^ I just feel bad cause I havent drawn anything in ages
7 years ago
Everything you do reflects your emotions, it has been scientifically proven. Dont worry yourself with any of that, it should all be for fun, so only do the pictures if and when you want to, because if you dont have the time or you dont want to do them, whats the point? I hope everything gets better for you soon, im sure it will :)
7 years ago
yeah I suppose so, thank you *huggles* I just feel bad cause I havent drawn much or anything XD
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