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so I posted up this contest on my Furaffinity, not much in response, so here's hoping I get better on here :P


Now, the rules are very simple: create a piece based off of one of my chars with your chars, in any fashion, safe or nsfw, I'm down with it ^w^
I know what you're thinking "ice, what on earth could you possibly give me for spending my time on creating something that you would love to see?"
the answer my dear friends is this:
your pieces will be judged by a select group of peeps and myself, and the winner will get an entire month of me as their artslave! (this results as, at top capacity, 29-31 pieces of whatever art you want*)
there will be a 2nd place, which will win a free piece of art (however you want it to be, this includes stories as well as drawings.)
there will also be a 3rd place, which will receive a sketch of whatever you want! this is if there are so many people in the contest. (if there are more, others may receive a sort of "thank you" sketch/doodle, and WILL get a note that informs them they get 50% off my art**)
I will start it, hmm....now! and it will end at the start of May!
Good luck to whoever tries out!

JSYK: by characters I refer to my original characters, this includes but is not limited to: Valentine, Frost, Ia, Inphy, Vesper, Makeo and Nemo, Leah, Gem, any of the adoptables, and so on and so forth! You can make more than one, and you can use more than 1 char each on your pieces! Please use original characters and use your own as well! If you want to use others as well, like renamon or a different creature, that is fine too. Any amount of skill is acceptable, though I would say do your best ;D

*number can vary depending upon kinds of art: for example, whole ink and colored pictures will probably take a day a piece, while I can pull out sketches a bit faster, and stories a bit slower. I am removing any shackles of kink restrictions, jsyk as well. Number also depends on how many days are in the month.
**Prices are on inkbunny, and they are already ridiculously low >w< during the month of May, I will obviously not be able to work on your pics since I will be at the mercy of some other fur X3 lol!

spread the word pls ^w^ ty! <3
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