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rules for the getting of happy 03-14


(All the following is subject to change, last updated 03-14-12)

standard commission: 8.5 x 11” 300 dpi digital image

$15   single character line art
$20 color
$5   each additional character, up to three
$2   per prop*
$5   per every three props
$10 added for background

*Props include but aren't limited to; wings, extra tails, prosthetic limbs, dildos and specific fur patterns.

Sketchmission:    A series of sketches drawn in varying sizes that may or may not include color

$10      an hour for up to four hours.

Client is responsible for telling artist when they are satisfied with the sketch and wish to move on to the next one. A timer will be set and started once the artist is ready to start drawing and will be paused when needed. (i.e. bathroom breaks, as a courtesy to the client)


A client may pay for their commission in advance, but must be present at the time their work comes up or they will be skipped. Should a client be skipped, they will be knocked to the bottom of the list for that day. Should they not show the whole day, then their slot will be held until another time can be agreed upon. Payment will not be accepted until the commission terms are agreed upon.

On drawing couples:   The artist will not draw two or more people's character's in an intimate or
romantic setting without first knowing that all involved are in good standing with each other. The idea of perpetuating creepy stalker shenanigans is not appealing to him in any way, and he does not care how bad you want it or how much you want to pay for it.

The artist will not draw:

hard vore
cub porn

(this list is subject to additions and revisions and there is a small possibility the artist can be talked into drawing what he doesn't want to)


Livestream chat should be solely for friendly banter amongst viewers, please be courteous and contact the artist on available IM services only if you are the client he is currently working on or if you need to contact him directly on an urgent matter (ex: you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason)

The artist will not tolerate:

rude viewers/clients
demands or requests for free art (no matter if meant as a joke or not)
discussion of personal matters
unwanted comments or attention toward anyone in participation
links to other sites or plugs to other peoples' streams or web shows without prior permission from the artist.

Violators of any of these rules may be kicked from the show without prior warning, and may try to appeal to be brought back on. The artist reserves the right to deny anyone audience and to keep any money paid to him should a client break any of his rules.

Thank you and enjoy the show!


wed-thurs 4-10 PM (mountain time)

show time is subject to change. The artist is always willing to do private sessions, and can be reached at the following IM clients:

YIM: f.rosting
AIM: elgranotaku
steam: EGO_Tapenyaku
skype: EGO_Tapenyaku

all payments can be made to Paypal: zorrodeleon@yahoo.com tips are always appreciated and encouraged, and all alternate payments will need to discussed and agreed upon.
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