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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to commission me, you automatically accept my Terms of Agreement.

General Information

- I have the right to decline any commission request.
- I have the right to adjust the price of any commission accordingly. However, I will never change the price of a commission that has already been previously agreed upon.
- I will not be responsible for any mistakes on the final version of any commission due to incorrect or missing information. It is the commissioner's responsibility to provide all relevant information when requesting a commission.
- All communication between myself and the commissioner will be conducted and documented via email.
- All personal information will be kept private and confidential.

Image Rights and Usage

- I have full rights to the image and its distribution and use, unless otherwise specified.
- I have the right to display any commissioned image(s) on any social media.
- The commissioner cannot claim my work as theirs.
- Under no circumstances may the commissioner use commissioned image(s) for commercial or profit purposes, including prints and redistribution of the commissioned image(s).
- The images are for the commissioner's personal use only and may alter them. This includes wallpapers, cropping the image for avatars/icons, etc.
- The commissioner is allowed to upload commissions I have created for them to their online gallery, provided that I am credited in the description using my link "inkbunny.net/TyHatAfterDark".


- All commissions are PayPal only, in USD (American Dollars). Payments are made via PayPal invoices, which I will send to the commissioner once the price and details of the commission(s) has been determined.
- The commissioner has 10 days to make their payment in full, unless a payment plan has been previously discussed.
- I will not begin a commission until payment has been received.
- I have the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time, with prior notification to the commissioner, due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behaviour, or any kind of abuse.
- Refunds may be requested at any time, but if the commissioner wishes to cancel a commission, the refunded amount will be determined by how much work has been completed. The commissioner will receive what has been completed up until the point of refund.
- Commissions will be completed in the order that I receive payment.

Commission Procedures

- I will not accept commissions without image references. Giving me a written description without an image reference makes it more difficult for me to complete the commission. As a result, the commissioner may not be fully satisfied with the commission. In addition, please be thorough in describing what you want for your commission. It's fast and easy for the both of us!
- For commissions under $50, I typically do not send commissioners updates regarding sketches or WIPs in order to speed up the process. The commissioner may request to see WIPs, but in doing so may delay the time in which I complete the commission. Please check the Status page for progress updates if you are wondering where I am in the commissions queue.
- For commissions over $50, I will send the commissioner a completed sketch for approval before continuing the commission. This is the only time the commissioner is permitted to request changes.
- The commissioner may not request to make changes to the commission once they have approved the sketch, otherwise it will count as a redraw.
- A redraw of any type of commission will count as a separate commission, and will be charged as such.
- Commissions will be sent to the commissioner via email at its original resolution.

Violation of any of my Terms of Agreement will result in a ban from commissioning me again in the future.

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