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9/13/18 Update

Not dead yet!
So uhh
College is happening again, good luck to anyone who’s entering or returning to study!
Dorming with irl friends, don’t really have a excuse to go into my room to be on my laptop as much as I use to. Taking 5 classes and a lab this semester, not sure how it’ll go but right now I’m a solid 7.5/10 on the nervous scale. I’m also going to be working as a tutor too, that adds to the nervousness but it could be fun.

Meanwhile I think I’m going to be doing something different now when it comes to like, posting stuff (when I get around to it), I’m going to just post I guess refined sketches are what you’d call them. I have a few refs made for people and I think one or two sketches somewhere but this doesn't mean that I am going to just be posting those from now on. Pictures that are like, meant to be big or that I like a lot will be inked n colored (and gonna try to shade too so expect that to be poorly done) so there's a balance. Kinda. As of late I have been having a growing desire to draw and I might end up doing that soon...like this Friday maybe since I don’t have things due for another 4 days or so (don’t be like me, get your work done as early as you can!) but it’s no guarantee.

But uhh, yeah. Few other things too.
-I’m gonna make Obsidianna digitigrade, eventually I’ll update/make stand alone updated refs for her and Reecees.
-Think I’m making Reecees just be female instead of randomly swapping around whenever I felt like it.
-Gonna start having more non pokemon ocs that will be fantasy based/D&D based sorta. I won’t be crossing the streams so you won’t be seeing Reecees with a mage hat and staff anytime soon!
-Thinking if I should try to promise like a picture a week but I kinda don’t wanna disappoint more than I have already ;w;
-How’s everything going so far? Thanks for reading this far!
-I’ma leave this link here too just cuz I like polls https://www.strawpoll.me/16454873

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