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Commission Information

Trying to clean up my front page a bit, so I'm making a journal I can link to with commission information.

Prices per level of detail:

Lines:                   $10 per character

Flat Color:            $15 per character

Simple Shading:  $20 per character

Full Shading:       $25 per character

Backgrounds:      abstract/single-color backgrounds are free
                            +$10 (lines)
                            +$15 (flat color)
                            +$20 (simple shading)
                            +$25 (full shading)

Examples: https://inkbunny.net/s/1734284

Prices in U.S. dollars.
Paypal only.

How this works:

If you'd like a commission, send me a private message
Be sure to include as much detail about your idea as possible.
If I accept, I'll send you a very rough sketch to work out the pose/composition of the picture.
Pictures will be uploaded to a private link shared only with the commissioner.
Once the pose and price have been agreed upon, I'll ask for your Paypal address and send an invoice.
I will continue working on the picture after payment has been received.
I'll send periodic updates.  Changes can be made along the way as long as they are reasonable.
(bigger changes to the pose or character design need to be made in the sketch stage; if I'm already coloring it, I can only make slight adjustments to the colors)
I'll link you the full-sized picture when it's finished.

I reserve the right to post all pictures to my galleries.  
(if you absolutely don't want your picture posted, I may ask for an extra fee)
Prices might be adjusted depending on how complex the picture is.
I reserve the right to refuse any picture idea.
If you're not sure if I'll draw something, feel free to ask.

Some things that I will draw:
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Straight content
Silly/Cartoony situations

Some things that I won't draw:
Violent rape/sexual mutilation

I do my best to give a realistic timeframe to complete the work.  However, sometimes unexpected delays happen.  If it's a day after the deadline (just for example), and progress is being made, but you ask for a refund, or if you decide to cancel the commission before the deadline, I will most likely offer a partial refund for anything after the most recent completed stage of the work.  But if an unreasonable amount of time passes beyond the deadline, or if I haven't given any indication that progress is being made, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

Regarding OCs:
Often, people have good intentions when a picture involves someone else's OC, like wanting to surprise that person with a gift.  However, if you ask me to draw a character that belongs to someone else, it is your responsibility to make sure the owner is okay with their character being depicted in your picture.  If I get an angry message asking to remove an image because they didn't approve the use of their character(s), then I will no longer do business with the commissioner of that picture.

Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Feel free to speak up.
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