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Furry Drama Act I The Commission List

For shits and giggles, and not against anyone. Just what I think many furries go through with commission lists. Don't take anything on here seriously, or I'll just point and laugh. It's a satire...sorta.

Part 1: The Notification

Oh look...another journal...select, remove...wait, he's open? For commissions?! Not just icons!? WOOOO....FUCK, POSTED 4 HOURS AGO?!

Part 2: The Info

Come on, send, send, send, YES! I Got it! Oooh a reply!....Read the description? What, what's in the...FUCKING NOTES! And holy balls when did he get so pricey? And only three slots? Sweet Raptor Jesus, it's also a fucking auction? The fuck is this bullshit? AND NO COLOR?!

Part 3: The Competition

Shit, guys have already gotten slots. Oh, that rich asshole who always gets the good shit, big surprise...What the fuck, that guy gets a slot every single time!? Do I have to suck the artists dick to get a slot like him or what? And of course, the other super popular artist gets a slot...wait what?! He gets TWO SLOTS? FUCK THAT ASSHOLE IN THE....ASSHOLE!

Part 4: The Exchange

Sigh, ok, now to give refs and info. What, link isn't working? Try again...no, how about now? Now? Now? Here try this site...you're not on that site...great. Well anyway he's a hybrid, part lion, part tiger...No, he's not a Liger, he's a Tigon, VERY different. Oh and he has devil wings and that one outfit from Devil May Cry...You've never played Devil May Cry? Really? Alright, here's a Youtube video...link isn't working? How about now? Now?

Part 5: The Sale

What, you're only doing pics that you're interested in? That wasn't in the journal! Okay, so how about my guy taking your character...oh you don't want to use them...well shit okay, lemme think...how about this guy? He's not a sub? No, I don't want my guy getting buttfucked....cuz I don't want to pay for that. Well then what do you recommend? Sigh, fine whatever, just send me a sketch first...actually many artists do that, it's not that difficult.

Part 6: The Wait

Heeeeeey, how's it going? You doing the pic? Hello? Hellooooooo? You there? It's been a few weeks, wanted to see if you got a sketch or something. Hello? Hey, why'd he get his pic first when I was two slots ahead of him?!

Part 7: The Result

Finally! Let's have a look!....Wow...looks...great. Yeah, I love it...you missed a few tattoos, got the clothes and fur color wrong, but hey it's fine, no biggie. So do you mind if I post? No, of course you get credit. Well it's as much mine as it is yours, probably more mine since I paid. Cool thanks...WTF YOU DID THE SAME EXACT THING FOR SOMEONE ELSE? BULLSHIT!

This user has blocked you.


Hope ya get a laugh out of this, and again this isn't to be taken to heart...unless your an artist that meets these strange conditions, then...meh.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
Ohh uhmm.. o.o all that trouble is dealt with?
6 years, 11 months ago
Not exactly, it's blown out of proportion but there is some truth in it.
6 years, 11 months ago
" This user has blocked you.
I would hate that even commissioning the artist he/she blocked me >.<
6 years, 11 months ago
I did hear your text in AVGN voice in my head.. o3o lol
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