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...the fuck?

Andrew Breitbart, the crazy conservative publisher for the Washington Times, died last night around midnight from "natural causes" at 43. Most people know him as a Tea Party-er and the shitjob he did on Shirley Sherrod back in 2009, editing video to take it out of context to paint her like a racist, causing her to lose her job, and for the drunken tirade he made at the Occupy Movement a few weeks ago (which up until last night, Countdown made fun of every other day). His repeated goal was to destroy the "institutional left", which should imply either how delusional he was or how right wing he was, or just how much he hated the left.

I kinda settled in for the idea that he'd be around for a while. Even though I didn't like the guy, it's kind of an unanticipated death, which makes the Occupy rant even more pathetic, because that's what people will now remember him for; drunk, insane, and screaming at people doing nothing (destructive).

So what are the chances that The Amazing Atheist is going to sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead within the next few days?

EDIT: So the Amazing Atheist posted his video about this, as I anticipated. Even though he did say he was a bit sad that Breitbart died, he summarized the left's response to this news and technically did do the joy dance, so I award myself full points!
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